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i have a couple stories.

the first one is how i independently discovered that radio waves are a type of light when i was little. i finally talked my parent into getting me a pair of walkie-talkies. i taped one into the transmit position and hid it downstairs, then went to my room with the other one. well, downstairs, my dad dropped something and the sound came through the walkie-talkies a split second faster than through the air. that blew my little kid mind.

the second one is a little shorter. for some lesson that i just can't remember, my high school science teacher liked filling a plastic bag with the gas that the bunsen burners run on, letting it float, then setting it on fire. he claims by doing that, he set off the sprinklers in the new building for the first time after they were installed.
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i can move my ears. not exactly wiggle, but hold them in a small set of positions. like sometimes i notice i've moved them back to try to adjust my slipping glasses. and moving only one eyebrow and making a clover with my tongue is easy.

here's a weird thing i can do that grossed people out in summer camp when i was little: i can throw the middle joints on my fingers backwards, which locks them and lets me move my fingertips independently. i guess it's a type of double-jointedness
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