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I used Zener cards in a high school science fair project. My subjects thought they were getting an ESP test, but you'll be glad to hear it was a math project -specifically, statistics. I won first prize, too.
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Good question. It looks green to me.

I have a friend who owns a nursery. In the summer, they empty out their greenhouses, but they still call them "greenhouses."
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Sometimes it's quite hilarious. Other times, they are so metaphorically close to the truth that it hurts. The fact that people will swallow these stories as literal news is just sad.
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From the linked article:

"We want you to have a nice time and we will give you the best service we know how to give. In return, we expect our customers to treat us with respect and not look at us like we are dogs waiting for a treat. Anyone who tries this little experiment sucks at life."
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Even if the amount of the tip were much more, this game would still be demeaning. Our tipping custom is a sort of "pay what you like for the service" scheme anyway, but at best we try to do it fairly and with some dignity.
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All within your reach? I've never heard of that one -what's it supposed to mean? You cannot reach all of the U.S. on even an extended tourist stay. And if they mean it's affordable, I'll have to laugh again.
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My kids were thoroughly confused one day when I referred to the "microwave oven." We have a toaster and toaster oven which is confusing enough for them, considering the microwave is right above the oven. The big oven.
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There's a difference when you start correcting people you don't know. I will correct my children's English all day long. Neatorama writers are well-versed in English grammar, so anything odd in the posts is just an editing error or a typo, so I will correct the text when I see one. No need to harangue someone about an understandable error; I make those errors all the time.

It gets sticky when you correct people you don't know. Alex used to get corrected often by readers here, and they could get nasty. What they didn't know was that Alex was writing in his third language. One also might be correcting a newbie writer or an elementary school student who needs encouragement. I'd just as soon leave criticism to someone who knows their situation.
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There are a lot of women close to my age named "Peggy Sue" because of the Buddy Holly song. Over time, I got used to the idea that Peggys born before 1957 were actually Margaret and Peggys born in 1957 or later had the middle name Sue.
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In getting this post ready, I read a lot about Glenn Seaborg. He was a real alchemist, having turned bismuth into gold, although only a few atoms at a time. The story about how he married his wife is adorable. And (in 1998) Discover magazine noted that

"Not only is Seaborg the first living scientist to have an element named after him, he’s also the only person who could receive mail addressed only in elements: Seaborgium, Lawrencium (for the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory where he still works), Berkelium, Californium, Americium."
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