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I sometimes wonder if I'm the only person in this country never to have seen a single episode of The Simpsons. (or South Park, or Family Guy, or American Idol, or Seinfeld, or...)
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Isn't there anyone who can just relax and enjoy a faked video for what it is - an attempt at humor? This video is not narrated by David Attenborough for the BBC; it's more like a Rowan and Martin segment or a Python sketch.
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Davis, there would be no reason for you to need a grain of salt to interpret the findings in the article, which does not focus on the tedious old arguments about climate change. The remarkable aspect of the story is that it is now possible to walk around places in the United States and pick up organic artifacts handcrafted by humans many thousands of years before the pyramids were constructed in Egypt.
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One thinks immediately of the autistic savants who have perfect memory of all the events of their life, including eidetic images of every page of every book they have looked at.

It emphasizes how pitifully little of our brains we utilize on a regular basis.
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"And it's never said that Rockwell "traced" the images. He scaled them up..."

The person who commented on Rockwell's "tracing techniques" was Clemens Kalischer, an artist-photographer who reportedly "assisted Rockwell through the years."
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@Geekman - the weight of the car didn't affect mileage at a constant speed (it might have an effect during acceleration or on upgrades). In any case, Mythbusters controlled for this by taking the clay removed in the dimpling process and putting it in the back seat of the car, so that the dimpled car weighed the same as the undimpled control.
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