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No one told me to blow in the cartridges. They just tended to visibly collect dust, you would have trouble getting it to run, look in there, and see a lot of dust. Dust is actually not very conductive so I'm not sure why it sounds silly to the guy. I agree that blowing didn't really work better than just reseating though.
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I live in a 144 square foot apartment. I put up wire grid on the walls (like you see in stores), shelves, and a wheeled bakers rack. My furniture consists of an Ikea span gateleg table, folding chairs, and an army cot with a roll up memory foam pad. I do my cooking in a Balack & Decker toaster oven, an induction cooktop (with a cast iron wok & a dutch oven), a microwave, and a slow cooker. There's a mini-fridge mounted over my sink.

I'm actually quite comfortable with my set-up. Six people can sit around the table and with floor cushions we can lean back & watch TV. It's not bad at all.
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I tried most of these when I was in the military overseas. Snake wine left me with a nasty hangover. Tuna eyes are juicy and absorb broth flavors really well. The 'live' shrimp made me want to vomit. The wriggling octopus was ok, kind of bland flavor, interesting rubbery texture. Grilled snake is delicious. Various fried insects are pretty tasty, bit of a nutty flavor, scorpion wasn't bad either, but I couldn't force myself to try the spider. Balut is freaking delicious - a sort of savory poultry soup with tender meat. Escamole isn't bad, also sort of nutty. Calves brain is tender and absorbs flavor well, but I definitely prefer the real muscle tissue of beef. Head cheese & pacha are akin to sausage, not bad at all.
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I come to this site for fun & interesting things; it's relaxing. I don't come here to be reminded of the ridiculous, infuriating stances of ulta-conservatives. Additionally, this piece of satire could have been executed much more effectively. The life-jacket part I could imagine being played on Colbert; not so much the rest of it.
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A Modest Proposal's satirical relationship actually made sense the entire way though; it perfect embodied the actual ridiculousness behind the actual positions of those he was opposing.

The "You should see drowning as a gift" does not at all demonstrate the actual ridiculousness behind the statement "you should see a child [of rape]" as a gift. The comparison doesn't work.
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Again, we come to this site to see fun and interesting things, not political BS.

Also, the bottom half of this analogy falls apart; it doesn't make sense. Many people desperately want to have children; not too many want to drown. Nor does saving a person from drowning necessitate killing another living being.
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After reading that article my only thought is that Swedes & the author need to lighten up a bit. I thought Germans were the ones who aren't supposed to have a sense of humor.
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