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Beer Belly

If you want to sneak beer into an event (e.g. football games, theaters, church) but not pay over-inflated prices from vendors inside, then you might want to get a Beer Belly. It's a bota bag that fits over your belly like a few too many trips to Chili's.

Link via Bits & Pieces

Giant Sculpture of Darth Vader and Yoda Carved out of Butter

An old, but good story:

Each year at the Tulsa State Fair, an artist is commissioned to make a sculpture out of butter. In past years, cows, farmers, and baseball players were created out of hundreds of pounds of butter. This year, in celebration of Star Wars’s final episode, TSF is featuring Darth Vader and Yoda, all dairy-like.


Payment Spider Sold on eBay

Previously on Neatorama, we've read the story of a man who tried to pay a bill with a doodle of a spider. Contributor Ali S. commented "I would buy that spider and the story if I could!" Well, Ali, you're a little late. It was just sold on eBay for $10,000.

Link via Bits & Pieces

Dinnerware Set Forms a Map of Europe

This eight-plate set displays most of Europe with a set of interlocking ceramic dinner plates. A Russia plate is, unfortunately, not yet available, as it keeps on breaking up while still in the factory.

Link via Nerd Approved

Lunch Bag Art

Lunch Bag Art is a blog by an anonymous artist who draws elaborate pictures on his kids' lunch bags.

Link via Urlesque

The Mickey Mouse Version of Optimus Prime

Is it a robot Mickey Mouse that transforms into an Optimus Prime? Or an Optimus Prime that transforms into Mickey Mouse? This would make for a great debate on a first date with that girl from work. Doing so will impress her as to your mental acuity and seriousness.

Link via Topless Robot

World's Largest Pinata

The world's largest pinata was recently constructed in Philadelphia, breaking a Guiness World's Record. It was 94 feet long, 24 feet wide, 60 feet high, and was stuffed with 8,000 pounds of candy. A wrecking ball was used to crack it open. via Geekologie

Darth Vader Toaster

A geek and his money are soon parted. For $55, you can own a toaster that burns the image of Darth Vader into your toast. Remember: once you turn to the crispy side of the force, forever will it dominate your destiny.

Link via Topless Robot

Star Wars Campaign Ads

(Video Link)

Attack ads from the bitter Palpatine-Calrissian presidential race. Today, I'm going to vote for real leadership for the future with Emperor Palpatine. How about you? HT: Gabriel Malor

Science Fiction for the Next US President

Science fiction blog io9 asked six major political bloggers what single work of science fiction they would recommend as reading or viewing material for the next President, regardless of who is elected.  Read responses from Markos Moulitsas, Andrew Sullivan, Jonah Goldberg, Amanda Marcotte, Glenn Reynolds, and Kevin Drum as they explain what works they selected and how they are especially relevant for the world of today.

If you could only choose one work of science fiction for the next President to read or view, what would it be?

Link via PopPolitics

Paraguay Breaks World BBQ Record

(Video Link)

30,000 people in Mariano Roque Alonso, Paraguay cooked and ate 28 kilotons of meat in six hours.

As an American, I am appalled that this record has been taken away from us. Surely we are capable of outconsuming every other nation on earth, in every category. This usurpation must not stand!

Link via J-Walk Blog

A Micro Spacecraft to Get You -- and Nothing Else -- Into Space

Copenhagen Suborbitals is a Danish start-up company trying to make space travel affordable, assuming that you have no desire for creature comforts. Basically you're squished into a tiny nose cone and shot into the upper atmosphere. Sort of like when you were a kid and you put your brother's pet hamster into a model rocket and launched it.

Link via Geekologie

Russian Troops Nearing Savannah

The automated features in Google News can be handy, but sometimes misleading, as the amusing screenshot above indicates. Link via DoublePlusUndead

World's Oldest Joke Traced to Sumeria in 1900 B.C.

Courtesy of Reuters, which has other ancient jokes as well:
It is a saying of the Sumerians, who lived in what is now southern Iraq and goes: "Something which has never occurred since time immemorial; a young woman did not fart in her husband's lap."

image via flickr user rosemanios


Bacon Alarm Clock

Invented by Matty Sallin, Daniel Bartolini, and Hsiao-huh Hsu, this alarm clock gently wakes you with the aroma of freshly-cooked bacon.  Here's how it works:
A frozen strip of bacon is placed in Wake n' Bacon the night before. Because there is a 10 minute cooking time, the clock is set to go off 10 minutes before the desired waking time. Once the alarm goes off, the clock it sends a signal to a small speaker to generate the alarm sound. We hacked the clock so that the signal is re-routed by a microchip that in responds by sending a signal to a relay that throws the switch to power two halogen lamps that slow-cook the bacon in about 10 minutes.

Link via Double Plus Undead

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