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All you do is take a spoon or a butter knife and slowly carve a path around the seed. Once you've dug enough around it, it pops right out. You never have to use a sharp knife to get the seed out.The problem is that chefs on youtube stab the seed and pull it out. People see that, and they think all avocados are like that. If you've eaten as many avocados as I have, you know those seeds are often stuck on other side.
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This is stupid. Order directly from the restaurant so they get 100% of the money. These companies already screw over small restaurant owners too much as is.
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I think you can reverse this image this year... kids in robes, at home in front of their computers and the parents sadly holding the '1st day of school' sign.
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Ants create formic acid. The wood ant makes quite a bit of it. Kind of like drinking formaldehyde, but irritates the stomach more.
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It's all about solidarity vs selfishness, group behavior vs freeloading individuality. When you get a vaccine you have a small chance to be sick/to die. You take that risk knowing that the overall health of the population will improve. It's a group behaviour. When I bring my kids to the doctor for their shots, I know I have a very slight chance that I am sacrificing their lives so others can live. It's an important collective decision. Any person refusing collective vaccination should be put aside the group, and pay for 100% of medical costs if he gets sick.
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I'd also like to say we need to de-stigmatize autism. It is not a fate worse than death and I can assure you that without vaccines many people would not live long enough to even know if they had autism. In a lot of ways everyone is autistic and we need to make that part of our community feel they are loved an accepted not just the fault of a vaccine and not something to be pitied. Autism is still very much a mystery and while some may have attached it to Vaccines it really seems that that is correlation rather than true causation.
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Every time someone asks me about vaccines and anti-vaxxers, I tell them this joke:
A man was absolutely convinced that he is dead, despite that he's still walking and breathing. Exasperated, his family brought him to a scientist who explained in great lengths that there's an irrefutable evidence to determine whether someone's dead or alive.
The scientist took the man to the morgue to examine a dead man's corpse. He explained that since a dead man's heart was no longer beating, the corpse should not bleed when pricked with a needle. So, the scientist did just that and demonstrated that the corpse indeed did not bleed.
Then the scientist turned to the man, and told him to go ahead and prick his finger with a needle. The man did that, and started to bleed. Looking at his finger, he said, "hey, look at that! Dead men do bleed!"
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