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I'm sorry, but I'm not sure what you are referring to by the "it" in, "Yeah, I get that it was just an exaggeration."

Are you referring to the article above? Because "full of" is a rather common expression/idiom that would not be considered an exaggeration in other examples I gave.

You seem to be trying to attach a lot of baggage not relevant to the article or any previously made comment. This can look a lot like exaggeration of scope and as a way to try to get people "all angry."

Again, noting that white supremacy is present and increasing activity is not a left vs. right issue for any reasonable bounds of the political spectrum. Trying to turn it into a political left vs right issue is a disservice to which ever one is trying to bolster.
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if you cannot see the wellspring of klan and nazi visibility since the election, you're just being willfully ignorant. or perhaps you never switch your tv from fox news or your radio from rush. the fact that these nazis and klan turds are the first to point out that they feel vindicated and emboldened by trump has also apparently escaped you. sad.
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Just curious, bob, which part of that long sentence is bullshit to you: the existence of white supremacists, that they are now coming out of the woodwork, or that idea that their brand of hate is stupid?
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When someone says, "That article was full of spelling mistakes," do they mean that the article had 100% of the words misspelled? If someone says, "That house is full of termites," do they mean it is 100% full of termites and not a single additional one will fit?

Have you honestly never seen the expression "full of" used to mean "a lot" or "too many?" If not, and you do realize there are other ways that expression can be interpreted, why chose an interpretation that makes less sense? That seems awfully risky of looking hypocritical when complaining about others pretending to misread things.
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Noting that white supremacists still exist in the US and that their activity has experienced a recent uptick is not partisan. With family in towns that still have KKK meets and rallies, I've heard plenty from people on both sides of the political spectrum about the problems the supremacists' antics cause. If you view opposing them or even acknowledging their existence is "political mudslinging", you have bigger problems than just deciding what website to visit for random links.
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The costume originated from smiffys - a UK firm. It's no longer available there, but based on their other offerings it would appear it was originally presented as a WW2 Evacuee Girl Costume and someone at one their distributing subsidiaries took an artistic marketing solution to the problem of selling it outside of the UK were no one knows the history of evacuee children while everyone knows Anne Frank. From one seller's site: This costume makes a historical enhancement to your child's history project on World War II, or school book report on the Narnia books or the iconic Diary of Anne Frank. Stockings and shoes not included.

Agree it was a very bad move. In the realm of stupid, but I don't think there was any intentional malice.
The Telegraph-UK article
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I think someone got the history wrong. (It could be me.) That looks like a WWII Evacuee Girl ... from England, to avoid German bombing. An example from children's literature is the Pevensie children, in 'The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe'. Here's a picture from which is similar to the costume: . But the Daily Dot article says: "“World War II Evacuee Girl” outfit instead, which is heinous in its own right for trivializing Jewish evacuations from Germany during the war." I don't know of any distinctive dress like this for Jews fleeing German persecution and murder. For one, Jews needed authorization to leave, and permission from the countries they were fleeing to, which was difficult to get. (Remember the tragedy of the Jews on the MS St. Louis?). And the tag contains name and contact details, which was needed in England because the children were evacuated without the parents, while in Germany Jewish parents left with their children.
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My Girl Scout troop had a couple little brothers do everything with us. They said it was more fun than cub scouts. We learned astronomy, camping skills, and public speaking. Curriculum is pretty much up to the individual troop leaders. So how "girly" it is depends on that. My leaders were a couple of farmers' wives and allowed a lot of independent study with one on one attention with them. I was the only girl scout to achieve a computer badge in my troop (it was '86 so it mostly involved a calculator and BASIC).

Having worked at GSA at the state level, anyone can be a Girl Scout, no matter what age or gender. The only requirement is paying the yearly dues.

The Boys Scouts is very conservative organization with close ties to the US military and the LDS church. GSA on the other hand is very liberal at the National level but the autonomy they give to the troop leaders sometimes leads to a disconnect of values.
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I ditched the Girl Guides the moment Scouts Canada began letting girls in. GG taught me things I didn't care for, like hair braiding and table setting. Scouts was WAY more fun.
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I believe the answer is very much more complex than any of those offered here or in the screenshots above. It's because a cow is a whole different species than us and therefore drinking its milk has no level of intimacy, whereas drinking human milk is extremely personal and intimate. In the same spirit, I find human feces or urine much more repelling than cats' or dog' excrements.
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because the milk from the store is produced in a regulated and inspected environment. we can be pretty sure the cow it came from is not strung out on heroin or crack or meth, and can safely assume it didn't have hepatitis or syphilis. i would not assume the same about someone who would do this.
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Ah Hipsters. I feel your pain and give you both sympathy and empathy. Every once and awhile (OK frequently) I troll my kids about them. This one was good, but it doesn't compare to the time I put my hair into a Man Bun. That was epic. Unfortunately there are no pictures. OK fortunately. :)
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