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As Humans we need to take the High Road and stop worshipping Money! What a terrible outcome for the Civets, the people that are doing this to them are being led by money, the consumers' of this product aren't thinking. This is just like Blood Diamonds!
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One of the great horror comics of the 1950's, by EC Publications, featured a story, 'My Brother's Keeper', about a pair of conjoined twins, one good and one evil. The evil one committed all kinds of crimes, secure in the knowledge that he would never be punished for them, due to his innocent twin brother. The good one finally gave the evil one an ultimatum, which was laughed at, upon which the good one whipped out a straight razor and cut his own throat. The last panel showed the good one lying dead with the evil one next to him crying and trying to staunch the bleeding wound. And, in true EC fashion, you don't learn that they are conjoined until the last panel.
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First I had to move the bread basket and cereal boxes on top of the frig out of the way to check. Cookie cutters on one side and a thermal lunch bad in the shape of a cat that my daughter hasn't used in several years. We only makes cookies once a year at Christmas and that is done at grandma's house with her own cutters.
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Right action, wrong reason. When apex predators change their feeding habits, i.e. trash cans instead of vermin. The ecological balance is ruined. This results in an over population of vermin and dangerous animals begging, nay insisting, on being fed. Might I add, the wolves will soon learn that people in uniforms shoot at them and couples strolling with a dog do not. Please arm a few plain-clothes paintballers.
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 lead unconventional lifestyles
to say the least, its extremely low iq and reckless to subject a newborn baby to ocean water
"Recent cases of flesh-eating bacterial infections have made headlines, yet you’re far more likely to wind up with nausea, diarrhea, or a respiratory infection after a trip to the beach. Researchers estimate bacteria in the waterways cause more than 90 million cases of stomach, respiratory, ear, eye, and skin-related illnesses every year in the U.S., while fewer than 1,500 cases of necrotizing fasciitis (aka flesh-eating bacteria) happen here annually, from any cause.

“Fecal matter, like from sewage discharge, is responsible for a lot of the pollution,” says Mark Mattson, president of Swim Drink Fish, an organization that promotes safe water. “After it rains, urban beaches are often contaminated from the runoff. And in rural areas, it’s agricultural pollution.”

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All you do is take a spoon or a butter knife and slowly carve a path around the seed. Once you've dug enough around it, it pops right out. You never have to use a sharp knife to get the seed out.The problem is that chefs on youtube stab the seed and pull it out. People see that, and they think all avocados are like that. If you've eaten as many avocados as I have, you know those seeds are often stuck on other side.
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This is stupid. Order directly from the restaurant so they get 100% of the money. These companies already screw over small restaurant owners too much as is.
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I think you can reverse this image this year... kids in robes, at home in front of their computers and the parents sadly holding the '1st day of school' sign.
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It's all about solidarity vs selfishness, group behavior vs freeloading individuality. When you get a vaccine you have a small chance to be sick/to die. You take that risk knowing that the overall health of the population will improve. It's a group behaviour. When I bring my kids to the doctor for their shots, I know I have a very slight chance that I am sacrificing their lives so others can live. It's an important collective decision. Any person refusing collective vaccination should be put aside the group, and pay for 100% of medical costs if he gets sick.
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