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A new study found that drinking sugary drinks daily can increase one’s risk of contracting a cardiovascular disease. 
I'm either nuts or we've known this for at least 50 years.
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Please correct your headline to either "What the oldest modern bird looks like" or How the oldest modern bird looks". As is, it's like fingernails on a chalkboard. Remember those?
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We politely ignored the severe warnings about co-sleeping, on account of wanting to keep our sanity. Our littlest had such difficulty sleeping for the first 10 months. He would wake every two hours then cry. He could sleep in the stroller, but walking for hours, day and night, was exhausting - to the point of extreme frustration in the parents. Then we tried co-sleeping. That worked. He would start to wake, I would wake, jiggle his butt, hum a bit, and he would return to sleep, without 30+ minutes of crying. Our frustration levels greatly decreased as our sleep increased. Also, we don't smoke, drink, etc. and kept the pillow count low. (My wife can't co-sleep as she wakes too easily, so I and the baby co-slept on a bed in the baby's room.)
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*shrug* So what? Is he distracting other guests? No. Does he need to have full 100% attention on the organized events? No. What next, complain that someone went outside for a smoke break while the bride tossed the flowers?
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I don't know how to hand-start a car engine. I don't know how to use a stick telephone (tap the handle several times to get the attention of an operator in the telephone office, then tell her who I want to call?) I barely remember seeing vacuum tube testing machines at the grocery store and don't know how to test if they are bad. My Mom stopped making clothes for us when the price of new clothes was cheaper than the price of fabric to make them at home. What about using belts for sanitary napkins, as in the original version of "Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret" instead of adhesive?
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