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the point isn't that they moved rocks, it's the fact that they defaced a public monument. it's the same as if they knocked a chunk off of the washington monument. there are laws protecting state park lands. i agree with you about jail, though...a stiff fine, and kick them out of the scouts.
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Make an example of these idiots. And I hope they lose their positions as Boy Scout leaders. They're immature imbeciles of the highest order.
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"I didn’t have to push hard"... Looking at that video, it sure wasn't a feather touch. Quite a bit of exertion, I'd say.
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The comments at the Telegraph are hilarious. Here's a great story:

Best one I ever saw on a train. Bloke is on the phone to sife "Sorry dear, got held up at office will be late etc"
Wifey obviously does'nt believe hime
"No, I have'nt been down the pub, I've been working"
"no, I am not out with the floozie from accounts". This goes on for ages, him trying to justify his lateness and obviously she does'nt believe a word. Other passengers totally fed up.
Then the young lady sat next to him leans over, puts her mouth close to phone and says "Oh, just hang up on the bitch darling and come back to bed"
I wonder what happened when he got home, bet you could have sold tickets.
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