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That headrest one is kind of cool.. but is it really the best solution for the "I am holding a device with metal bits poking out and need to break a window" problem? Just poking the window with the metal bits will break the window just as well and safely and the glass will end up more outside the car. And the car door will be reusable afterwards.
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I was going to suggest that maybe the child was in the salt mines, but wasn't necessarily a child laborer. But I guess with so much data collected, the chances are better than average. What I was going to say was - perhaps the child was simply there (with mom or dad) and not actually laboring. I mean, imagine how unreliable daycare was back then. Daycare today hasn't gotten much better. I think its possible kids were still *at work* sometimes, because the parents had no other options. I'm not saying for sure that shoe didn't belong to a child laborer tho. Just a thought I had.
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Reminds me of going on a night patrol. We'd put black on our faces. The Black guys in the platoon wondered why they had to---it helped reduce any glare.
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Good to know! I sit too much, and I get restless - but there isn't much opportunity for exercise where I live now, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic.
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The one about beach front homes gladdens my heart. If global warming estimates are correct, when the seas rise, I will own ocean front property.
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