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What's next? Humour pieces about holocost victims and lampshades?
Just because you call it humour does not make it true.

Shame on you. Just shame on you.
You have disappointed everyone.
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Misinformation, lack of understanding, potential to to cause harm by people that don't know any better. Please delete this post.
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This is bad science. They theorize that if they can't intentionally ensnare wildlife in the plastic rings, then it can't happen randomly? I've seen way too many photos of birds with the rings deeply embedded in their necks, injured and starving.
I will continue to cut the rings open, before placing them the trash.
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Horrible. Just google 6 pack plastic rings and look at the images. A couple of idiots failed to catch a NESTING MOTHER BIRD in a a single experiment and then imply that these things are perfectly safe?

I guess I just don't get how this is funny.
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