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Lived in Vietnam, speak french, well aware of pronunciation. Not the Americanized 'foh'. Don't even get my started on Americanized 'gyros'.

I simply left a large enough break between the words, and pronounced Keene as Keene, not 'king', that I didn't 'get it' at first.

The sign is still creatively brilliant, whatever perspective one may or may not have on the degree of subtlety. As long as people realize that what we are is not what we've become. Highly recommend reading some Shakespeare to see some great wordplay that can truly have some despicably great double meanings. Or classic poetry... definitely loads to find there. If not, even just looking at the evolution of language itself. How words that are completely improper and taboo eventually just become part of everyday vocabulary, while other words take their place for their more hostile, potty-mouthed sounding connotations based on modern public perception.

That said, if people wish to judge what we've become based on lazy fuckers wearing pyjamas in public, I'm down with that.
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It's not necessary that Jane was a teenager when Judi was conceived. She could have conceived in the early months of her 20th year and given birth before she turned 21. In those days, however, it was common for people to get married just after high school. My mother was born in mid February and was 20 years old when I was late February. That means she was 19 when I was conceived. My father was in the Air Force and my mother had been out of High School for almost two years.
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In the 1982 film _Poltergeist_, it is revealed that the character portrayed by JoBeth Williams is 32 years old, and she has a 16 year old daughter therein. I have personally known two people who were grandparents by age 30 so Jane Jetson will have to do better than that to impress me.
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In a related scenario, I recall an episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show in which Laura was worried that their marriage license wasn't valid because (she confessed to Rob for the first time) she lied about her age when they wed, and said she was 18. Rob says that's okay, honey, a lot of women lie about their age to seem younger. But no, she admitted that she had actually been only 16. Rob was shocked, but they'd already been married for years by then. If I recall correctly, they met when Laura was a dancer on a show Rob worked on.
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Science has finally discovered why we especially like to eat food that we like. It turns out to have as much to do with how much we like the food as with it being food in the first place. Also, we tend to eat more food that we like, because we like it so much. But that's not just double rewards, is it? It's /four/ times the reward. Ah, the allure of food. So mysterious. And there's also smell involved, not to mention hearing the can opener, and being fueled to stay alive to eat again another day, so /seven or eight/ rewards, then. /Thousands/ of them, if you live long enough. No wonder we are addicted to eating food and suffer so in withdrawal when deprived of it. There's no way off this nightmare treadmill except to not get on in the first place. But it's too late for that now, fellow food-bitches. Hopelessly hooked.
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Ah cell medium, a very fraught subject in biology. Two quick points that were not covered, or not covered very well in the article. First, the red color comes from a chemical, phenol red, that is used to monitor pH. If the solution gets too acidic it turns yellow, too basic and it turns purple. Although phenol red has been used forever, it is a slight estrogen mimic, which can alter how the cells work, especially if you are looking at estrogen receptors, but you can get EMEM and DMEM without phenol red.

Second, the article dosen't really talk about another important part of cell media, FBS or fetal bovine serum. This is added to the cell growth media to provide important hormones (like insulin) and other growth factors (which aren't completely understood) to the cells. This is an animal product which varies from batch to batch, and you can see how this causes issues in repeat-ability, as well as not being a human product for studying human cells.
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I was living in Venezuela in 1997-1998, right in the midst of when Chavez came into power. Caracas back then was an absolutely horrible, incredibly dangerous city. I can't even imagine what it's like now. I've been lucky enough to travel quite extensively and Caracas is legitimately the only city where I felt spooked just being out and about in it.

The Guardian article makes it sound like it was a lovely haven before Chavez got it. It stopped being one many, many, many years prior. Chavez turned the entire country into a disaster, let alone having Caracas decline even further.

All pretty gross and unfortunate. Venezuela has tonnes of beautiful places to see and the people are great.
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We're living in a world where everybody can speak to the world. Unfortunately they are listened to. You do something, you get yelled at. You don't do something, you get yelled at. The world is changing in a PR nigthmare.
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