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I have no idea why Cissy Houston was not a bigger star.
Galdys Night is an expert at musical interpretation. She still tours and her shows are usually free.
I saw the Richard Prior sketch as it was broadcast. Thought it was brilliant.
Can I apply to be a Pip? Best.Job.Evar!!!!
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My back yard used to be the scene of many hummingbird battles. (Got rid of the pomegranates, so they don't come round much anymore.) They can be fierce.
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My older brother and I were born and raised for two years where the municipal water was artificially fluoridated to the "optimal" amount. My two younger siblings were born and raised in a town whose well water was naturally fluoridation at four times the "optimal".

The result of our little family experiment? My older brother and I have a normal amount of tooth decay. My younger siblings have had one cavity total in a combined 110 years of life. I think we need to increase fluoridation instead of getting rid of it.
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I should not find this argument irritating. Dark has a few meanings. Only one set refers to illumination. Another set refers to hidden or mysterious.
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This is n excellent example of why the human brain is such a superior thinking device. It has the ability to use computational methods as well as organic ones. And, just to be pedantic, the slime mold solved the problem once a set of researchers set it up in a way that it could be solved. The slime mold is just a member of a very talented team.
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This is making quite an assumption about what we touch. For example, l use customers keyboards in a variety of situations.

Do you think a proctologist cares about elevator buttons?
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