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Not lives:seconds. I have spend hundreds of seconds a day reading entertainment on the Internet. Hundred more reading enlightening and educational content.
Waste, like, beauty, is in the eye of the (judgmental) beholder.
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Well, they can go f themselves and in the process, f the whole country. There is company that charges $500 per capacitor here in OC and all of them are 100% reliable. Go on and try to save cost while still defending our country.
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Lately, I have been the bringer of comparative statistics, so here goes another: What is the rate when the researchers eliminate marijuana products and questionable third party suppliers?
Still needs to be investigated. Look at what happened in the 80s when we ignored AIDS.
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Heinlein was a genius. Stranger is potentially life changing, but so is “ Have Spacesuit, Will Travel.” La Guin’s “Left Hand of Darkness” is a must read for anyone concerned with gender fluidity. Where are Tarzan and the hurling moons of Barsoom? McCaffrey is not for nibbling but best devoured in 1,000 page binges. While I am here, Card’s “Songmaster” goes a long way to explain his brilliance and banning.
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