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I remember that episode. I've watched it on reruns countless times, and I tear up, never fails. It was a genius move. And as an aside, I truly enjoy these guest spots - I always make a point to read the Eddie Deezen posts. I would never presume to add him as a "friend" on Facebook, but I wish he had a page I could follow. :)
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Yes it is an interesting condition, however the fact that she was 5 years old and got pregnant is not. The only thing I thought of after the brief moment of "wow that is interesting" was followed by a quick, "who the hell was it that had sex with that 5 yr old girl?!" Sheesh...
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I really hope you aren't implying that, because it makes you feel bad, readers should be denied from interesting material? This is Neatorama, not PCorama. Sorry. :( Yeah, bad stuff happens. At least the headline gives away the content with "5-year old mother". No one is making you read this.
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Sorry but I disagree...a kiss is a kiss, whether it's a peck on the cheek or an all out lip locker. The difference is the passion and that one is far more fun than the other. What I wonder about though is whether there were any other "cheek pecks" that went unnoticed before Sammy and Boots had theirs. Did Mary ever give Rochester a kiss to say thank you or happy birthday on the old Jack Benny Show? Did Sammy ever give a cheek kiss to someone else before the Nancy kiss, perhaps on The Ed Sullivan Show, Jack Paar Show or Steve Allen? Hard to say. But I like the subject Eddie. The younger generation may not realize it but kissing someone of a different race back in the 60's was like planting an open mouth frenchie right on Osama Bin Laden. Would not go over well at all. Very troubled times back then. Nice piece Eddie.
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Poor Miss C. We Trekkies can be hard bunch to work with.

Kirk didn't have the first interracial kiss, but he did snag the first interspecies kiss during that bedroom scene in "Devil in the Dark."
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YenLee, that FAQ is just referring to objects mailed to that company... saying "I won't sign everything people send in the mail" is quite different from refusing autographs requested in person... Especially in an age where most people are asking for autographs to create something to sell on eBay, rather than for personal reasons...
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