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First off, if there are any errors or mistakes in my articles, it certainly is not Miss Cellania's fault. Miss C just writes up what i wrote, and she does a great job proof-reading for typos, typing up and dressing up the articles with great pictures. That said, I can see how there are two different definitions of the word "kiss". One is the romantic, sexual definition and the other is a kiss of affinity of friendship. I still believe Nancy Sinatra was very brave to kiss Sammy Davis Jr. like that in the midst of such turbulent times. I admire her for her courage. And I don't even think there was even as much as an "air kiss" between a man and a woman of different races before hers. I can see both viewpoints of the question "Which is the first interracial kiss?"
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I saw Ali in person 3 times myself. His presence was electrifying, great charisma. He also had the biggest feet I ever saw. Like a true idiot (I was so overwhelmed to see him!!) I said "You're still the champ!" He was just bigger than life. Incredible presence.
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Hi Mev,

I read two excellent books on Wyatt Earp.

They were: "Wyatt Earp: the Man Behind the Legend" and "Inventing Wyatt Earp".

I really enjoyed both books and they are supposedly two of the most accurate books on his life.

You can easily get then at a local library, I'm sure, or buy them cheaply from a book dealer on the web.
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Larry, I have no idea who that solemn-looking chap is. He is sure serious looking. And Neil, oh yes, there was a huge controversy in the summer of '69 about the supposed death of Paul McCartney. It is an incredible story.
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Miss Cellania, by a very odd coincidence, the last day of filming of "Grease" was on the exact day Elvis died- Aug. 16, 1977. The scene where the Pink Ladies sing "Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee" and Stockard Channing sings to Elvis' picture on the wall, that was the final scene filmed in "Grease".
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I agree, Durango, I don't think I've ever seen an actual photo of Tommy Moore. But it is not Pete Best in that picture. I believe the drummer that day was a fill-in (note his different outfit) because the Beatles had no drummer. His name was Johnny Hutchinson. If he looks bored and distracted, that's because he was. At the time of that photo, the Beatles were a small-time band. Johnny's actual band was Cass and the Cassanovas, a bigger name band. This is a photo of the Beatles auditioning for a tour of Scotland. This photo is May of 1960 and Pete didn't join the band until August.
And Miss Cellania, thank you for the great pictures you added!!!
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I know it is hard to believe, but it is true, Elvis "made love to it as if it were a girl", according to the L.A. Times. It was October 29, 1957.
You can google it very easily, as witnesses at the concert say he did simulate sex acts with Nipper the dog.
I love Elvis, he is a hero of mine, but he did some pretty crazy stuff back in the '50's.
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