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More likely it'd simply been abandoned. Dogs with hair prone to matting can start doing so in an incredibly short amount of time.

I volunteer at a city humane society. We often see an increase in abandoned pets at or shortly after the end of every month, as people leave their rented apartments/trailers/etc and instead of taking their pets with them, simply dump them outside with a 'they'll take care of themselves' or 'someone will take them in, I'm sure'.

We get a few mat messes a month, although I have to say this one's pretty awful. At least a couple of months. He sure cleaned up cute though.
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Don't do that, Neatorama. Don't be like Viralnova or buzzfeed or the other trashy sites that pander to the mouthbreathers on Facebook.

What the hell is wrong with a headline like "Surgeons Remove Teeth From Rare Tumor In Baby's Brain"?

Why do you have to be all clickspammy? If you walk down this dark path I won't be able to follow you down it. I'll make fun of you, I'll call you bad names, you'll join the ranks of Gawker for sites that care more about clicks than quality. Don't sell your soul to the traffic whoring Devil. Please, I have so few sites I can regularly visit without wanting to punch the screen. You're better than that.
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I would expect the result to be correlated to the limited off-shelf life of mayonnaise and not to the actual consumption...

For me it is just the other way, ... i like mayonnaise, but i can’t stand this "Miracle Whip" stuff.

I even order a „Quarter Pounder with Lettuce and Tomato“ (still available here) without the white greasy stuff...
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I've seen very few art museums that cordon things off. You'll occasionally see things in the news about something being damaged, but it seems museums tend to not want a few bad people ruin it for everyone, allowing people to get a close look at the art. There might be employees or volunteers to keep an eye on the art, but even at some of the bigger places I've noticed that there is often fewer than one per room, and fewer such people at modern art places compared to ones displaying centuries old famous works.

In my opinion, it is kind of nice to see places that assume most people can act reasonable and respectful, instead of designing things things to be idiot-proof, even if that comes with a risk.
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If a kid is old/mature enough to visit the art museum, they're old/mature enough to be expected to behave and not touch or climb on the art. If they're still so little that being little should be an excuse, they're still too little for the art museum. Try taking them to the park or the zoo instead. They'll have more fun and not likely harm anything.
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Yes you can easily remove a lettuce head core by smashing it in a flat surface..
John just did it wrong..
which is why he hurt his hand.
You grasp the head with one hand opposite the core and slam it down on the surface.
The core will come right out.
Not an internet hack but a old,old, old kitchen hack.
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Or, actors of a 'species' will consort with others of the same species because they will generally be in the same scenes. If I were a 'chimpanzee', I'll look for other chimps so that I would be less likely to miss calls for when filming starts.
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Cackling maniacally... while holding your phone-cam vertically. Will I ever get used to people videoing the ground in front of themselves? Probably not... how about automatic video rotation for phone cams? Or a little hammer that comes out and *beats the videographer on the head* until it's rotated to landscape mode?
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I loved this song when it first came out, then the local radio stations ruined it for me by over playing it, but after watching these 3 cover videos I think I'm back to loving it again.
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It's always fascinated me how plants & animals naturally evolved needle-sharp bits (rose thorns, porcupine quills, snake fangs (retractable, no less!)), yet humans took a whole long time to chip rocks into something approaching lethal sharpness.
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My son (7 at the time) did this at The Lion King in Orlando, though there was no high-sticking involved, just a lot of hakuna matata. In true, magical, Disney spirit, with bloody napkins snatched from tourists in hand, we enjoyed a strolling balladeer who made up a song that promises a Cadillac for each tooth lost in the Magic Kingdom. This is why WDW is off limits now until my son is 20.
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I never used to feel this way, but we have reached the point in America that almost EVERY police action for "public safety" is more dangerous than the actions it's intended to deter. 9/11 terrorized us into paranoid stupidity, and the Terrorists won, big time.
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