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Almost any grain or bean, dried and put in a mylar bag, inside a food grade bucket with oxygen absorbers should last at least 20-30 years. Honey is the only thing that requires no special packaging to last a really long time.
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Regardless of what type of pizza you choose. Use a pizza crisper ( ). This will keep the crust from being chewy. The one I use looks more like a screen with ~ 1/8th inch holes. It has made store bought pizza much more interesting. As for my pizza preference - I love the Target brand pizzas. They have some very interesting choices as well.
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I usually buy a frozen/refrigerated pizza on nights when I do the grocery shopping because I never feel like cooking after a trip to the grocery store. When it come to frozen pizza I usually skip it and buy the grocery store brand pizza that is merely refrigerated in the deli department. It is about the same cost as frozen and I think it tastes slightly better. Often times I will buy a bell pepper or a few cherry tomatoes, olives, or some other pizza like ingredient for use in a different recipe later in the week and I will use just a bit of those ingredients to help spice up the store bought pizza.

If your family likes karaoke, there is a Kinect game available in the Xbox Live app store. It was free when I downloaded it a few months back. You get a few songs with it and then purchase other songs that you like.
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Chuck the XBox and get Backgammon or Chess. For the pizza problem I suggest Red Baron Mexican Style Pizza, add some McCormick Perfect Pinch® Salad Supreme Seasoning, Taco Bell sauce, Filé powder, pickelled bannana peppers and Mexican 4 Cheese shredded blend.
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I like the sauce on the Tombstone, but the extra cheese has way too much. I usually scrape 50-60% of it off. I also like the Trader Joe's pizzas.
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In my opinion, there really is no such thing as a "good" frozen pizza - - no matter what brand you buy, if you just take it out of the box and slap it in the oven, you are still just going to have a nasty frozen pizza experience. What I do is just buy the cheap ones (Totino's party pizza - - on sale) and just use that as a starting point, adding my own extra toppings to make it a tasty pizza experience. You can get really creative, putting on various cheeses, pepperoni, sausage, sliced jalepenos, pineapple chunks, etc. I keep things like that on hand and it just takes a minute to doctor it up. Also, they are small, so you can make multiple, different ones to satisfy varying tastes. Another option is to buy the ready-made crusts (Boboli) and make your own pizza from the ground up - - I do this sometimes and my kids love them.
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Tombstone pizzas are my favorite frozen pizzas, although DiGiorno are good if you like the thicker crust. Regardless of brand, all of them are better if you use the Presto Pizzazz pizza cooker. I have had one for about 10 years and I love it!
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Dr Oetker's thin-crust frozen Ristorante pizzas are quite good if you like thin crust pizzas. Sometimes they're hard to find...Food Lion has them, but Kroger's doesn't. As with most tasty foods, the serving size is something like 1/3 of the pizza, but I can split it with someone, or eat the whole thing if I'm hungry. Don't be scared off by the "Dr."...this isn't like South Beach Diet food or another "Dr."-endorsed food. According to the website's history, Dr. Oetker developed a superior baking powder in 1891.
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I'd like to reiterate what Jeff said, get the Lego games. Definitely start with the Batman and Star Wars ones. Those are easily the best ones.
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My kids and I enjoy all of the Lego games for the 360 - take your pick: Batman, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc. If you get Star Wars - get the complete saga and definitely play the first part of any of the games that have 2 parts (Batman before Batman 2, etc). For the Kinect, we enjoy Kinect Party (free on XBLA...but this may be for Gold members) as well as Just Dance 4. Speaking of Xbox Gold - check and/or eBay before buying. Do not attach your credit card to the box, buy membership cards and redeem them from your browser ( I've never paid more than $35/year of membership - there are always deals popping up for year membership cards on,,, etc.
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