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Rock And Roll!

Los Angeles is soon to enter the Guinness Book for largest boulder ever transported in modern times. Yes, a 340-ton, 21 1/2-foot-high granite boulder recently travelled to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art at night, on closed roads at less than 10 mph, led by a police escort. The approximately 85-mile journey, normally a one and a half hour drive, took a circuitous route lasting 11 days! A 456-foot-long, ramp-like slot in the ground, 15 feet deep, runs beneath the monolith, which allows people to walk under it.

I've been taking pictures of it since the day it arrived. Now that I can finally walk under it, I thought I'd share the photos. Enjoy!

6-Year-Old Gives 10 Reasons Not to Vote for Obama

(YouTube link)

Whether you agree or disagree with president Obama, his policies, or the Democratic party he represents, you have to admit that 6-year-old Isaac Anthony is sticking to the golden rule of political campaigns: Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS). Of course, that would actually only apply if he understood all that he was saying. This video, posted four days ago, already has over 11K comments at YouTube! What do you think? Is this "neat," or is it "ama?"

The Curiosity Rover Landing

Remember Miss C's post about the Curiosity Rover's 7 Minutes of Terror? Well, it's less than a week away now. Hank Green, over on The SciShow, just published this amazing, amazing, AMAZING narrated, animated look at the rover landing coming on the 5th. He'll also be living tweeting it! So check out the vid, get excited, and follow the tweets over @SciShow. It's the most exciting thing that's happened up on the Red Planet since they discovered life! (Wait, they did discover life on Mars, right?)

How-To Close Apps on an iPhone/iPad

In this 60-second tutorial, my son, the Smart Aleck, will show you how to close out of an app completely. It's the equivalent of "quit" on a PC application. In some cases, this will help your battery last longer. In others, well, it's just good to know how to close out of an app 100%.

BoingBoing's Obscure Muppets Quiz

Everyone knows Kermit, Miss Piggy and Elmo. But how well do you know your more obscure muppets? (Some more obscure than others, of course). Take my latest BoingBoing quiz and find out:

What does the USDA Organic label really mean?

Our friend Michael Tapp just finished a couple new vids about organic food. Ever wonder what that USDA seal really means? Check out his vid above for the skinny.

GTFO Winners!

At long last! The votes have been tallied and checked for shenanigans, and we’re happy to present you with the results:

Coming in at 5th place, with 6% of the vote, Sword Juggler Guy.

Taking 4th place, with 12% of the vote, Mr. Don’t-Try-This-At-Home, Lightbulb Chewing Guy!

Right ahead of him, with 12.5% of the vote, Amadeus himself, Backwards Piano Playing Guy! in 3rd place.

One of our personal favorites took 2nd place, Star Wars Theme/UniPiper Guy with 28.5% of the vote. And for all you who didn’t turn in a video after our kilt-wearing piper set the bar so high in the first week of the contest, it seems there’s a lesson to be learned from Ms. Arm Rotating Girl, who was one of the last to submit and wound up with more than 30% of the vote and FIRST PLACE! Congrats to all our winners!

Now, before you go jumping on our necks in the comments, don’t forget the ‘O’ in GTFO stood for “Otherwise.” That means it wasn’t JUST a talent contest. Keep that in mind for our next GTFO contest, coming next year! Meantime, winners, please drop me a line (david ‘at’ neatorama.com) and we’ll get those prizes out to you.

The Plastic Bottle Island

This man has given up his job, family and possessions to build an island that floats on plastic bottles he's found and used as buoys! Talk about recycling to good use!

11 Recordings of Terrible Hold Music

I know what you're thinking: What hold music isn't terrible? When I discovered the voice recorder app on my iPhone, I immediately started recording bad hold music whenever I was forced to wait for a real person to help me. Clearly, I spend a lot of my life on hold, as this short list represents only half the total I recorded over the course of the last year. What follows is the best, er, worst 11 of the lot. I've purposely kept the names of the companies who use these recordings out of the post to protect their anonymity. 

After you've listened to them all, tell us in the comments which is your favorite (wait, or would that be least favorite?). 1. My call was "first in line" for, ohhhh, maybe about 20 minutes. That annoying synth string orchestra did me in by minute 2! A power drill is more pleasing to the ear.

2. Am I the only person here who is reminded of some other kind of music with this one?

3. There’s nothing worse with hold music than bad loops. This is the worst one I’ve ever recorded.

4. Good thing that guy keeps coming back on the line, otherwise this one would have surely put me to sleep.

5. This is only going to bother the musicians out there, I’m sure. Get a load of this sudden modulation out of nowhere and to what key? I had to cut off the recording abruptly to protect the company’s anonymity, sorry! It just keeps modulating, trust me.

6. Many of you might recognize this offender. It’s a lulu!

7. Another really sorry loop… made worse by having to hear that honkey-tonk horn over and over again.

8. I’ll keep this one short; otherwise you might go looking for a large mallet to knock yourself out with.

9. I used to enjoy Vivaldi’s Four Seasons… that is, until I had to listen to this little portion of the Autumn movement for—ready for this?—34 ½ straight minutes!! Verily, I say unto thee.

10. Not sure who you should feel more sorry for: me, or the poor sap who had to write this ditty.

11. Seemed fitting to end with what sounds to me like something John Williams threw in his garbage can while working on Indiana Jones.

So let’s have a vote: In your opinion, which is the worst piece of hold music on the list? Photo: viciousmomma.blogspot.com

BoingBoing Star Wars Quiz

So you say you know your Star Wars flicks when you hear 'em? Prove it. Our friends at boingboing.net posted my quiz today.

Take the quiz now.

Boing Boing Video Game Quiz

Our friends over at BoingBoing.net published my Video Game Quiz today. If you're a hard-core gamer, or just like strolling through the short history of video games, take a walk down yonder and then come back and let us know how you did!

Trivial Pursuits {?} - Chapter 7, Part 2

She heard Lynette’s voice before she actually saw her. Standing behind Greg in the doorway, she would have had to lean around him to catch a glimpse, like a grinning child popping aside to take credit for faux rabbit ears in a photograph. She didn’t want to take credit for anything right now. She would simply wait.

First she heard Greg’s slightly baffled voice – “Hi, can I help you?” followed by Lynette’s unctuous upper-hand tone, feigning surprise. “Oh, you must be Greg. Hi. My name’s Lynette…”

“Oh, Lynette -- hi!” Amy willed herself to wait for Lynette to identify herself before acknowledging her by name; so many “Greg, sweetie, this is my pottery instructor, Lynette.”

“Oh, hey,” Greg said, smiling, now reoriented to the situation, certain of his place in it. Amy met Lynette’s mischievous green eyes, which were torturing her with bemused calculation, deciding what to do. Please, Amy tried to convey.

“So, based on the pottery Amy brings home, I’m guessing you teach the remedial course,” Greg’s blustery voice telegraphed the unexpected pleasure of teasing two attractive women. Lynette looked at Amy, and it seemed that her glance contained a blend of contempt and pity. “I’m not sure whether that one purple thing Amy made is a deformed measuring cup or a water bowl for a hamster on hallucinogenic drugs.”

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