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I hope that airport lady with the vest won't get in trouble for twerking in a viral video.

Also, I love her bro's handle "Death__BySnuSnu". We all want to die by snu snu.
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Totally unfair. What next? Regular people play pick-up basketball vs. LeBron James? Regular people try to submit BJJ blackbelt Xande Ribiero? Regular people vs. a Siberian tiger? I just don't find fascination with regular folks being pitted against overwhelming adversity.
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I bought a dashcam after we all saw the various dashcam videos of a meteorite that exploded over Russia. I have yet to record anything remotely interesting. Not even a fender bender, just your occasional traffic violation like running a red light.
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I am very skeptical of this research. This does not explain, for instance, Filipinos. Sure we have influences from Chinese, American, and Malay cultures; but on the whole we're not that varied. As an island nation, we are like Japan in that we're isolated from the mainland.

Yet we are irrationally happy. We sing a lot because we are happy or try drive away our sadness. And we smile a lot. I can't understand it.
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I saw my dad watching that video on his smartphone two nights ago. I didn't watch it myself but I knew there was something special there for my dad, an avid bowler, to watch it.
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As a father of a non-verbal autistic child, I am intrigued with this therapy animals idea. It's not for a lack of trying. My child tries to speak but it all comes out as gibberish. I don't know if this could work, but I may give it a go.

But not donkeys! I don't have the space for them, and living in the middle of a city, it's impractical. Maybe a hamster?
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Diamonds are overpriced pieces of carbon. We've known for decades that DeBeers and others have been inflating the price of diamonds to keep it artificially high. We've known for decades that many precious stones are rarer than diamonds but aren't as expensive. And we've known for decades that the diamond industry in Africa have been the cause for civil wars and that the black market for blood diamonds has been brutally violent.

This huge piece of rock is just another reminder that diamonds aren't that rare and shouldn't be as expensive. We're paying a huge price for letting diamond merchants get away with bilking millions off people just to wear overpriced rocks.
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I am an ex-smoker and I've never heard of this superstition. I've used white lighters and never experienced anything bad with them, other than slowly killing myself with cigs.
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