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The place I live is pretty high up and probably the favorite of every place I've lived before in many ways... But also feels crowded and is a struggle to afford even with a way above average salary.
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Definitely abuse. And malpractice by the veterinary clinic. The clinic said other people have surgery done to improve their animals' chances at shows, and that's ALL animal abuse.
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Massachusetts still has 4 but none of the ones that where in or close to Boston still exist. The Neponset Drive-In was the go to back in the sixties and conveniently (for use pajama wearers) had a Dairy Queen on the other side of the highway for the ride home.
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There are 2 in Orange County NY (Warwick and Fair Oaks). Spent many a summer night at the Fair Oaks Drive In during my teen/young adulthood years.
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We had drive-in style places to eat, but we didnt have an actual outdoor drive in movie thing. Wish I couldve experienced that.
That being said - drive-in hamburgers and shakes are the best.
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I stayed at a pool-side room in the Flamingo. Slider opened to the pool area. $20 reserved us two lounge chairs nest to the pool. Coffee shop sold breakfast at 3:00 AM.

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65 years ago today, my parents were in Vegas on their honeymoon. They had married the day before. We took them there again on their 50th anniv. Hi Mom and Dad!
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One of the things I like about living in Sweden is that everything in the store is labeled with a "jämförpris" - a comparison price. In this case it would be dollars/ounce. For things that don't go bad, and where size doesn't matter much, like shampoo for the home shower, I'll pick based on that price rather than the total. I tried to do that in the US, but my mental math skills aren't that good, and it's awkward to pull up a calculator to figure it out for everything.
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