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My black cat and my calico cat hate each other. They don't even like to be in the same room together and frequently fight if they are. But if I get sick and go to bed, they will put aside their differences and come to bed and cuddle with me until I feel better. Then they go back to their old ways.
People assume that when a cat is dying, it will go off to die by itself. But my cat Calli stayed with me up until the day she died. She spent her last few weeks of life cuddling with me in bed and sitting on my lap every chance she got.
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I buy bottled water because the water that comes out of the tap in the small town I live in tastes and smells of chlorine. Even using a filtered water pitcher does not improve the taste much.
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Yes - the first Matrix movie was groundbreaking!
I had the pleasure of introducing my young children to The Matrix a few months ago. They loved it (and it's amazing to see how they finally connected movie to the pop culture memes that they learned without first watching it).
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I hit replay a couple of seconds in. Thought for sure I was looking at a downed snowspeeder on Hoth. Gordon be feeling like he could take on the whole Empire his-self. . .
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