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Rehab For Springs.
Know a spring that's in a downward spiral ? That can't curb their twisting and turning, debauched behavior ? A short time in this unit will put your beloved spring back on the straight and narrow.

Where The Old Gods Are
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It is indeed a: 'Dr. Frommer-Richtenstein-Smith's "Fiendishly Clever Nutcracker"'.......(okay, minds out of the gutters, now.....We all know what rhymes with Frommer!!!!).
1. Place a walnut, pecan, beezenberry nut, a.k.a. 'nut of choice', on a plate.......
2. Adopt a menacing look while approaching nut with this, (and maybe doing a little 'snick-snick')...
3. Voila ! The nut will completely jump out of its shell !
As The Institute likes to say: "Needs no crackin' ; sends the nut's clothes packin' ! "

Where the old gods are
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That's a "Pirate Pete's Leg Pointer". Used exclusively at Pirate Pete's custom shops. Remember mateys..."Come to Pirate Pete's, where the prices can't be beat, and you don't have to have two feets".....Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

immortal lovecraft
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