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I never ate Cup-O-Noodles. I always bought the Top/Maruchan Ramen packages and pounded them with a heavy spoon to break them up into little pieces (I hate long noodles dribbling on my chin).
Never used the flavor packets: I'd mix the noodle bits in a pot with a can of Campbell's Chunky soup (Nowadays I use Progresso because they don't have MSG) and let that simmer for about 15 minutes, so the noodles get nice and fat.
Mmmmm, boy! That's good eatin'!
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Hmmm, nothing about the Toilet Seat issue?

But seriously, this whole "Men's Rights" thing is disgusting.
Men have dominated the world since the beginning of time, and now they're claiming to be "oppressed" because women are fighting for even the smallest shred of equality?
That's just insane.
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Oh, this wasn't her first airplane ride; she's flown with him plenty of times.
(Just look at how she adjusts her headset, and knows where to grab to keep herself stable.)
It was simply the first time he'd done aerobatics with her aboard.
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Buffy: Speaking of slack, you heard anything from Xander?
Willow: Not for a while. He's still on his cross-country see-America thing. Said he wasn't coming back until he'd driven to all fifty states.
Buffy: Did you explain about Hawaii?
Willow: Well, he seemed so determined.
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