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Terrifying Hamburger Lamp Stares at You as You Fall Asleep

You once tried to eat a hamburger, but it got away from you. It never forgot you. But that's all in the past, of course. Water under the bridge and all that. Now it just wants to be your friend. The hamburger nightlight will watch over you as you sleep. Its bright, shining teeth and unearthly eyes faintly illuminate the room. It looks at you. It remembers.

Designer Jun Takahashi unveiled the Hamburger Lamp in 2002. Now, High Snobriety warns, it's back.

-via Home Crux

The English Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it's always a good idea to eat a balanced breakfast -and this English breakfast pizza by Instructables user ivytoad certainly meets that criteria. You have your bread and grains, your fruit and vegetables, your protien and dairy. Sounds healthy to me!

Evolution of the Bikini

Now that summer is unofficially here, you might be thinking about getting a swimsuit. Good luck! Summer clothing sold out a month ago. I tried to find a pair of good sandals and the local store had nothing close to my size.

(YouTube link)

Oh well, watch this video, which should be called The Evolution of the Swimsuit, as only about half of them are bikinis, and wish you could get one from the 1940s. (via Viral Viral Videos)

After 13 Years in a Cage, Lion Relishes the Feel of Grass

It’s a bittersweet story. This lion spent 13 years in a circus, confined to a cage too small for an animal this size. He was confiscated and taken to Rancho dos Gnomos sanctuary in Brazil, where he has a much larger enclosure.

(YouTube link)

It’s not the savannah, but it has room to run, grass to roll in, dirt to dig in, and trees to rub against. You can almost feel the joy when he realizes what a great place this is -compared to what he had. -via Boing Boing

11 Weird Vintage Coloring Books

I outgrew coloring books by the time I was about 7. Now that I have kids, they’re fun again. They’re also very cheap. You can pick up one for a quarter if you know a good dealer.

They’re cheap to buy because they’re cheap to make. Advertisers produce them for promotional purposes, including for products you might not think about. Flashbak has pictures from 11 old and strange coloring books, including one that shows how to eat at Bonanza restaurants and another that encourages young boys to talk to truckers on CB radios.

Mr. T doesn’t belong on the list. Mr. T was cool back in the 80s and has been ever since. He has no pity for fools, but he’s tender.

Snake Swallows Salad Tongs

Aaron Rouse of Adelaide, Australia, was feeding his python Winston a rat held with a pair of salad tongs. The snake decided he wanted all of it- including the tongs. Rouse tried to pull the tongs out, but Winston would not let go. Before you know it, the tongs were completely inside! Rouse took Winston to the veterinary department at Adelaide University where Dr. Oliver Funnell decided to perform surgery.  

"With reptiles you have to make an incision between the scales and we just made it over the big end [of the tongs] because that was further away from some of the vital organs like the heart and the lungs," he explained.

"The clip was at the other end so these tongs would have been trying to expand the whole time, which would have been quite uncomfortable.

The surgery was a success and Winston is expected to recover completely.  -via Buzzfeed

(Image credit: Adelaide University)

Weeping Angel Food Cake

(Photo: Chris-Rachael Oseland/BBC)

With a clever pun, Chris-Rachael Oseland, AKA the Kitchen Overlord, devises a great treat for Doctor Who fans. Keep your eyes on the deadly Weeping Angel inside this cake. She made them in a Bundt cake pan that highlights the Gothic architecture that appeared in the famous episode “Blink.” Don’t eat. Eat and you’re fed. 

A Collection Of Library Barcode Fails

There are many difficult aspects to a career in library science, but the easiest part of a librarian’s job has to be sticking barcodes and other tracking labels on book covers and spines without obscuring the title.

This seemingly simple matter of finding a blank space and attaching a label can turn into a nightmare when the label turns an innocent book on sewing into something far seamier

(Image Link)

And then there’s the ease with which a misplaced label can make library patrons avoid a book on quilting like the plague

(Image Link)

See more of the Worst Library Barcode Fails here (I've posted the tamer examples here, but there are many NSFW examples at the link)

-Via Dangerous Minds

30 Incredible Uses For WD-40

Growing up around a shop of any kind, a marvelously cluttered place used by mechanics, builders and others to make and repair stuff, means understanding the value of that wondrous fluid in a can- WD-40.

It was created by Norm Larsen in 1953 to “repel water and prevent corrosion”, the 40 signifying his discovery of the formula on his 40th attempt.

Over 60 years later we're still discovering uses for that magical fluid in a can, because it does a heck of a lot more than just clean off grease or silence a squeaky hinge.

(Image Link)

Was your car vandalized by an angry ex? Simply apply WD-40 to a rag and wipe that vandalism away without damaging your paintjob.

(Image Link)

Sick of snow sticking to your shovel? Apply WD-40 to the shovel blade and watch that snow slip and slide off with ease.

Read 30 Hacks That Prove WD-40 Is God's Gift To The World here

Bench Go Round: A Public Bench That’s Also a Merry-Go-Round

(Video Link)

George Zisiadis explains that he designed this bench to create a “playful connection between strangers.” They can’t help it. Two people can sit quietly on a static bench without acknowledging each other, but a merry-go-round is inherently interactive. So the Bench Go Round provides a great way to meet people.

It was his contribution to the Market Street Prototyping Festival last month in San Francisco. That’s a public exhibition of new product and architectural ideas that visitors may want to make a reality. The Bench Go Round should certainly be one of those ideas that is built in every city.

-via Laughing Squid

R2D2 VW Bus

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, we had microbuses instead of minivans. Some of those Volkswagens still exist, and they stand out in a crowd, but none stand out like the one mimaki cg60 modded to look like the Star Wars droid R2D2! It's like the '70s meeting, uh, the '70s.

How’d he do it? With computer design and a lot of vinyl. The design took about 50 hours, and the rest took even longer (he lost count). You can see the entire project unroll in photographs at Instructables. -via Boing Boing

25 Awesome Product Designs That Aren't Real Just Yet

Design Bump has assembled a group of 25 innovative and useful products that either are awaiting future production or are still in concept/planning stages. Check out some of these cool ideas. Like a memory foam chair that forms soft support against the contours of your body as you sit. Shown below, it’s called the Bounce Chair by Véronique Baer.

These are shoes that can go from hiking support for your feet to becoming your shelter for the night. Perfect for camping enthusiasts. The concept is from design collective Sibling.

This is a toy-eating monster for the kids. Not only can they feed it toys that have been left scattered around the house, but it has wheels, which makes it possible for them to make cleanup a game by riding around as they do it. A concept designed by Tzung-Yu Lu.

Here we have a cloud-shaped sofa that levitates over a giant magnet, for those in love with the idea of sitting on a cloud. How cool is that? Designed by David Koo and Zheng Yawei.

See 21 more great product ideas that need to become realities here.

A Snickers Milkshake inside a Glass Made of Snickers Bars

Except for the straw, this entire milkshake is edible. Perry Santanachote of Thrillist made it at the decree of an editor of that magazine. It’s an amazing piece of candy bar engineering. Judging from the instructions that she provides, it was also very difficult—especially the glass. That container is made of a homemade Snickers bar shaped like a rectangle, then wrapped around a glass and sealed watertight (or milkshake-tight). If my editor commanded me to make such a milkshake, the results would certainly be different.

Carton of Eggs Contains Only Double Yolk Eggs

On rare occasions, while cooking with chicken eggs, you may encounter twins—two yolks in one egg. But Twitter user @Umeboshi had a far more astounding encounter: she claims that of the dozen eggs in a carton, every single one had two yolks. Casey Baseel of Rocket News 24 suggests how this could have happened:

Egg farmers can tell whether or not a hen has laid a double-yolk egg without cracking it open. The shells of double-yolk eggs tend to be longer and more pointed than those of single-yolks, and the two yolks can also be seen when using a light to inspect the contents of the egg without cracking it.

Double-yolk eggs taste just the same as single-yolks ones, and some people actually feel lucky to discover one. Not everyone is left with such a positive impression, though. Some shoppers find them kind of gross, and so to avoid shocking their more sensitive customers, egg farmers generally remove them from any batches before they’re shipped to market, as pointed out by Mitsuko.

Pineapple Picture Day

We don’t know what year or grade this is, but in a class of 56 students, 18 guys wore the same Hawaiian pineapple shirt for picture day. It wasn’t a club with uniforms; it was one shirt passed from student to student before they had their photo taken. That’s not the kind of thing anyone would notice (outside of the photographer) until the yearbook came out months later.

My husband’s senior yearbook (class of 1973) was a little like this. Seniors were supposed to dress up, meaning a jacket and tie for the guys. But he and five of his friends all forgot, and ended up wearing the same borrowed shirt, jacket, and tie. No one thought anything of it at the time, because they looked good, but forty years later, anyone who sees the yearbook has to comment that every longhair in the class dressed alike.

-via reddit 

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