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I may be wrong, but I think you've missed the point here.
The site is taking the mickey out of groups who forcefully push one aspect of scripture whilst ignoring others. Nothing to do with denigrating anyone's beliefs, just poking fun at bigots - which needs doing anywhere, frankly.
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All TV programming did not immediately go to non-stop news coverage. In our city, the local PBS channel ran a banner periodically to explain to parents that they were running only children's programming all day, not just in the morning, and would not start news programming until 6:00pm. For those of us whose children were home-bound that day while we were frantically trying to reach family members and keep up with the news (while trying to keep from terrifying the kids), it was the most thoughtful thing they could have done.
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It doesn't matter if the work is priced right or overpriced, it's not the child's possession, the child isn't at home, they should know they aren't to treat it as if it's their possession and act like that in public. It shouldn't make any difference to the child or the parent if it's a 10 million buck sculpture or a cheap plant pot, it's not a chair, it's not theirs, it's not for touching.
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Considering my general dislike of sugary snacks and penchant for ground meats (meatloaf, sausage, etc.), this would be an act of love rather than a prank.
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