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this story is really sad - this kind of familial pressure happens all the time, but because there's a $65 million dollar bounty, this one makes the news. Lesbians are often raped or abused in hopes of "turning them straight." I've been out of the closet for 15 years, and i can't count the number of times I've been told that I just needed a "good man" to set me "straight." It's really sad.
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Rain Man was so largely based on a guy named Joe Sullivan from Huntinton, WV. When the movie originally premiered, they also held a premier there, and there are still posters signed by the cast hanging in the Autism Services offices, an organization founded by his mother, Ruth Sullivan. Joe's savant skills are more with numbers ~ he can tell you what day of the week any date in history fell on, he can do large number mathematics in his head, in seconds, and he can also count things amazingly fast ~ i remember one day (i worked with joe) when some cheerios were spilled in the kitchen, and in two seconds he told me that there were 281 cheerios on the floor . . . we counted just to be sure (took us about 5 minutes!) and he was dead on. Savant skills are amazing . . . great article!
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i would actually be cool with an inked doctor ~ i think that it shows signs of intelligence for him. . . creative, individual, artisitic, free thinking. i would love a doctor that thinks outside of the box.
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