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I'll always remember the birth of my three children - later on, I mentioned to my wife that it's a good thing that women deal with childbirth. Us men are too squeamish and weak to do it!
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That must've been a lovely experience to have the author come to the school! We missed ya here, btw - I tried emailing you a while ago, but I don't think my email went through.
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Oh wow! That's definitely unusual! Looking into it a bit more, turns out the Gate Tower Building was the world's only elevated highway interchange that goes into a building. The unusual structure was built because the land owner refused to give up the rights, even though permit to build a highway at that spot was already granted.

Thanks for finding that madmolf!
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Wow! I learned something new. From Tales of Faerie:

Petrus Gonsalvus was given a wife-a wife selected for her beauty, not told what her husband looked like, and ordered to marry by the Queen. Yet, the couple got along, and may have grown to fall in love-in the illustration above, the resting of Catherine's hand on her husband's shoulder is a sign of affection.

They had seven children together-some of them with hypertrichosis (the only ones the public cared about).

The family attempted to live a normal life, but were exploited by a public that did not see those with differences as entirely human-tragically, the children who inherited their father's condition were all given away as gifts to other European royalty.
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It *is* kind of not as straight forward as you'd think. Unless they're familiar with the clock face, it's understandable that they think quarters as 0.25.
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