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My pet peeve is the bagless vacuum cleaner - which invariably spills a lot of dust whenever you empty it, thus making the room much dirtier than before you had vacuumed it.
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An interesting consideration about this procedure is that there's a huge psychological element to it. From Quartz:

In addition to being technically complicated, there are psychological element to undergoing a penis transplant that are not present in other organ donations. The donor penis is always visible, as opposed to being hidden within the body, meaning it doubles as a constant reminder of the previous trauma. In 2006, doctors in Guangzhou, surgeons in China performed a successful penis transplant, but afterwards, the patient’s partner experienced a “severe psychological problem…beyond our and the patient’s imagination.” The transplanted penis was removed after two weeks.
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The loudest restaurant I've been to was The Cheesecake Factory. It was full of people chatting, and the acoustics were terrible - all those hard surfaces bounced the sounds right into my ear drums!
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Man, imagine how the technology would evolve in the next few years. We'll be at an era where photographic and videographic "proofs" could be meaningless.
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That's just how he talks, I think. From this interview by Bob Thompson of Toronto Sun:

Tell Goldblum that he's vague enough to run for political office, and he grins sheepishly.

"Oh," he responds, "I, uh, don't think I'm, y'know, so different than your average, y'know, average."

Having said that, I say, "Excuse me?"

Having heard that, Goldblum says, "Excuse me?"
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