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That's certainly a neat project, but besides the "wow, we can do it" factor, what's the value?

So the quagga is extinct - we humans live on and have improved living conditions since the late 19th century. Why do we need a zebra subspecies?

Just thinking outloud.

Now, if it was a giant woolly mammoth, THAT'll be different! :)
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David, I thought that was debunked: ye olde glass panes weren't made uniformly. So when they were installed, homebuilders of yore (who weren't stupid), put the strongest part on the bottom.
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I've never thought that Neatorama readers are so into weapons! Thank you to Gert Verhoog, Sig Nelson, Mark, and Tiago for pointing out the typo. That was my mistake. My thanks to the Neatorama editor who fixed it (whoever you are!)

I must admit I don't know anything about guns, but I've double checked the Oswald rifle details on the post against the hard copy. Here's some more info about the infamous rifle.

Rober and Sid Morrison, I'll defer to your expertise in identifying flintlock vs. caplock. I can barely tell the difference between flintlock and the flintstones, but that is what's on my hard copy. I'll let the article stand, but people will be able tell from your comments.

Tim Mosley, regarding the caliber of the Booth gun, wikipedia had it listed as .44 (as did the hardcopy of this article). Now, I'm not sure either was right, but I'll let the article stand - with your caveat in the comment.
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From the article, I gathered that it was the combination of both severe weather events and warfare that did the Mayans in.

The Mayans had been in war with each other for a long, long time - and the population managed to grow even with the "bloodthirsty savage" qualities. It was the combination of this AND severe draught (plus deforestation) that collapsed the ancient Mayan civilization.

Severe weather events do happen throughout history - even without significant contribution from human activities back then - but one thing should be clear: we're going to see a higher frequency of severe weather events due to changes in climate triggered by human activities since the industrial revolution.

Alex talks in a slightly crooked but charming way. ;)
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