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While your observation is accurate, it holds no useful content. I only states the obvious. This is like telling the world that coconuts cannot be made into radios.
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Growing up, I loved The Beatles arrangements and harmonies... their songs always made me smile ... especially the EARLY Beatles. It is so interesting to read Eddie's "back stories" about their day-to-day lives in both their creative workings and how their lives would twine around that.

To read that the master tape which was sent from Paris to England wasn't "spooled" correctly and that Norman Smith had to add some cymbals/drums to make up for the loss was so home-hitting. It brought back memories of when I use to record and play everything back on a reel-to-reel recorder, and how the tape would sometimes twist of get wedged in between the outer portions and the inner plastic hub of the reel. Then you would have to unwind everything by hand and usually use a pair of scissors to cut out the bad spot and splice the two good ends back together, losing a piece in the middle!

I have read a few books over the years about the Beatles, but when Eddie writes about the group, he has a style which makes the stories more interesting and memorable. Eddie... you need to write your own book!
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Fabulous article, Eddie! To think of The Lads as going through from these "rough" behaviors to the squeaky clean image that Brian Epstein formulated for them, is nothing close to incredible. I NEVER KNEW they were this extreme, even to the point of John's behavior that you cite. Thanks for the great work once again, Eddie!
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I found a few, which differ depending on whether you look at pictures of them in their young adult days or their White House days. One took their personalities into account. Jackie Kennedy is always #1. I didn't keep the links because two were from NSFW sites and one was just too mean-spirited.
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I hear you, Roy Hinkley; it's amazing how quickly he and others of his age were forgotten.
Maybe part of it is that local independent TV stations started becoming affiliates of the newer networks (CW, Fox, etc)? Then they stopped showing the old classics which they used to show even n the '80s?
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How could they forget Rodney Alcala? Don't recognize this infamous name? Convicted serial killer and rapist, who had already killed 2 CA women and 2 NY women before his 1978 Dating Game appearance. At the time of his appearance, he was already a convicted rapist and registered sex offender. He actually won! But the bachelorette, Cheryl Bradshaw, refused to go out with him because she thought he was creepy.
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The one chance to actually hear Harpo talk in a movie where he isn't playing his normal non-speaking character and it's a SILENT movie. Oh the irony!! Great piece Eddie. I learned something new!
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My mother "met" him back in Walla Walla WA. She was a baby being pushed in her buggy, and he was a 4 year old who ran up to see the baby. Or so the family legend goes.
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