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What I found disappointing about this film is that there is no mention at all of rust, and its impact on all modern machinery - I think Mr. Chaplin missed an opportunity to enlighten the world as to what a menace rust constitutes.
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I have never understood why they are called "Hot Dogs", but then again I have always had trouble with slang and colloquialisms - for example, an actress friend was always telling me that she "wanted to get her hands on my hot dog" - it took me years to realize that she was not talking about food...
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That's the great thing about being a union teacher with tenure - it's really hard for them to fire you. I once took a three-month sabbatical to write a book, came back 15 years late, and they still didn't fire me. Not only that, my shop steward got me 15 years of back pay.
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I like baseball, but I sometimes find it too stimulating.

I prefer spending time at the library, although the hustle and bustle at the reference desk can sometimes be too much for me as well.
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