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46 Reasons My Three Year Old Might be Freaking Out

Anyone who has ever had a three-year-old can relate to this list. These problems are overwhelming to a child just learning how the world works, but oh-so-funny to his parents. I had a hard time picking out just a few examples, but here they are:

The car seat is weird.

He’s hungry, but can’t remember the word “hungry.”

He’s not allowed in the oven.

I picked out the wrong pants.

His hair is heavy.

His sleeve is touching his thumb.

The inside of his nose stinks.

The rest are just as funny. And then commenters provided even more reasons from their real-life experiences! Link  -via Metafilter

(Image credit: Flickr user Shawn Econo)

The Force is Weird

Haven't you wondered this yourself? I've always chalked it up to George Lucas not realizing in 1977 that he'd actually need to come up with a sequel or two to Star Wars. This Twaggie was illustrated by David Collier from a Tweet by Bad Bad Leeroy Brown. See more illustrated Tweets at Twaggies. Link

A Dash of Color

Members of the art collective Dihzahyners painted seventy-three stairs Beruit. After seven hours of work, they produced this beautiful addition to the city's color. As you can see from the gallery, this is typical of Dihzahyner's flair.

Link and Gallery -via Twisted Sifter

Opalized Dinosaur Tooth

Photo: Carl Bento/Australian Museum

Surely you've seen fossils in museums, but what about this: opalized dinosaur tooth. Opalized fossils occur when silica settled into cracks in the dinosaur bone and then hardened into opal. This one above is a particularly fantastic specimen: an opalized theropod dinosaur tooth from the Australian Museum.

This Guy Is Spider-Manning All Wrong

(YouTube Link)

The guy in this video is singlehandedly ruining Spider-Man's good name, acting less like a hero and more like a merry prankster!

Most of the citizens that encounter the slapstick Spidey seem appropriately amused by his antics, but he's definitely getting on the wrong side of the law, and that'll cost him if he ever thinks about starting his own superheroic organization.

--via io9

Mom Found Son's Long Lost Toy

Liam lost his stuffed toy, a little blue monkey named Ah-Ah, on a family trip three years ago. He was, understandably devastated - but his mom never gave up looking and one day ...

The Daily What has the video clip of the reunion: Link - Thanks Kirsten! The story over at Hypervocal

Astronaut Touching the Sun

For all of you who've held up the Leaning Tower of Pisa in clever forced-perspective photos, take a look at this photo and weep:

NASA spacewalker Sunita Williams looks as if she's reaching out to touch the sun in this picture, which is one of the coolest views ever sent down from the International Space Station. Of course, the sun is actually about 93 million miles behind her. This is one of those joke pictures like the ones that show someone plucking up the Eiffel Tower — only it was taken in outer space.

In addition to the Suni vs. sun angle, this picture is special because the photographer is mirrored in Williams' shiny helmet visor. If you look closely at the full-resolution image, you can catch sight of Japanese astronaut Aki Hoshide holding up the Nikon D2Xs camera that took the picture, with one of the space station's solar arrays behind him. The setting reminds me of Neil Armstrong's famous Apollo 11 picture of Buzz Aldrin, which similarly shows the photographer's reflection.


I Am The Very Model of an Amateur Grammarian

Tom Freeman of The Stroppy Editor took the Major-General's Song from the Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan and adapted it to suit the modern swashbuckling world of grammar nazism:

I am the very model of an amateur grammarian
I have a little knowledge and I am authoritarian
But I make no apology for being doctrinarian
We must not plummet to the verbal depths of the barbarian

I’d sooner break my heart in two than sunder an infinitive
And I’d disown my closest family within a minute if
They dared to place a preposition at a sentence terminus
Or sully the Queen’s English with neologisms verminous

I know that ‘soon’ and not ‘right now’ is the true sense of ‘presently’
I’m happy to correct you and I do it oh so pleasantly
I’m not a grammar Nazi; I’m just a linguistic Aryan
I am the very model of an amateur grammarian

Somebody needs to make a YouTube clip! Read the rest (to the tune of Gilbert and Sullivan's masterpiece, of course) over at Tom's blog: Link - via Metafilter

Aquarium Bed Lets You Sleep with the Fishes

Acrylic Tank Manufacturing is a builder of luxury and custom fish tanks. Among its more astonishing products is this bed, built beneath a 650-gallon tank. This unforgettable experience will cost you $11,500.

Manufacturer's Website -via DVICE

The Nabuyatom Crater

In Kenya lies Lake Turkana, the world's largest alkaline lake. This is the Nabuyatom Crater, a geological marvel of that lake. It's a caldera--the remnants of a collapsed volcano.

Link -via TYWKIWDBI | Photo: Christian Strebel

Just Tea

Andrew Gorkovenko illustrated packaging for Triptea, a tea brand. His medium is original and beautiful: crushed tea leaves arranged on paper. Each of his illustrations depicts the origins of the tea in the box. In this case, Sri Lanka.

Link -via Nag on the Lake

The Comprehensive Guide to Regional Sandwiches of the United States

Serious Eats compiled a mouth-watering list of 48 sandwiches that can be found in different regions of the United States. I'm especially intrigued by this New York City concoction called a "bagel and lox." Its essential ingredients are a bagel, cream cheese and smoked salmon. Yum!

Link -via Marginal Revolution | Photo: adactio

Take That, Teach!

Ouch! This school girl couldn't take her teacher's berating any longer and decided to take matters into her own hand. Or specifically, her foot. Let this be a warning to teachers everywhere: Hit play or go to Link [YouTube]

Putin, Savior of Endangered Cranes

Putin. Is there anything he can't do? Taking some time off after a hard day's work quashing dissent and such, Russian President Vladimir Putin flew alongside cranes to lead them on their migration route:

In the end he didn't have to wear a beak. But Vladimir Putin did don white overalls and big black goggles as he took to the skies over northern Siberia in a motorised hang glider to help endangered cranes begin their migration to wintering grounds in Iran and India.

Unfortunately no one had told the young birds, who only formed up behind Russia's stunt-loving head of state on his second time in the air. On his first flight Putin was accompanied by only one of the Siberian white cranes.

Putin blamed strong winds for the initial failure of the birds to fly with him. But he described the cranes as "pretty lads" when journalists asked what he thought of them after landing.

The motorised hang glider – in which he was accompanied by the seasoned pilot Igor Nikitin – proved a handful. Putin said it was harder to control than a jet fighter.

The Guardian has the story: Link

A Rubik's Cube for the Blind

You can design a Rubik's Cube with Braille letters to signify colors. Doing so, howevever, presents a problem:

But when you turn a braille letter upside down, it becomes a different braille letter. So as the user rotates the cube it becomes impossible to read the colors.

Brian Doom solved that problem by giving a cube six distinct textures, each of which represents a color.

Link -via Smart News

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