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I think the best container for foods like this would be similar to a toothpaste tube. Squeeze it out where you want it, slap down the bread. No need to dirty up the cutlery at all.
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I usually buy a frozen/refrigerated pizza on nights when I do the grocery shopping because I never feel like cooking after a trip to the grocery store. When it come to frozen pizza I usually skip it and buy the grocery store brand pizza that is merely refrigerated in the deli department. It is about the same cost as frozen and I think it tastes slightly better. Often times I will buy a bell pepper or a few cherry tomatoes, olives, or some other pizza like ingredient for use in a different recipe later in the week and I will use just a bit of those ingredients to help spice up the store bought pizza.

If your family likes karaoke, there is a Kinect game available in the Xbox Live app store. It was free when I downloaded it a few months back. You get a few songs with it and then purchase other songs that you like.
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In my opinion, there really is no such thing as a "good" frozen pizza - - no matter what brand you buy, if you just take it out of the box and slap it in the oven, you are still just going to have a nasty frozen pizza experience. What I do is just buy the cheap ones (Totino's party pizza - - on sale) and just use that as a starting point, adding my own extra toppings to make it a tasty pizza experience. You can get really creative, putting on various cheeses, pepperoni, sausage, sliced jalepenos, pineapple chunks, etc. I keep things like that on hand and it just takes a minute to doctor it up. Also, they are small, so you can make multiple, different ones to satisfy varying tastes. Another option is to buy the ready-made crusts (Boboli) and make your own pizza from the ground up - - I do this sometimes and my kids love them.
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