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Prince is way too low on the Arrogance meter. Here we have a guy who took on the Big Label (Warner Music) and officially changed his name to a symbol just to get out of a contract. In Stipe's case (REM), he sold out by signing an 80 million contract with Warners…I don't think Prince and Stipe should be even near each other; they belong in different quadrants (or universe)!
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That's a lot of explanation for the fact that we're just not used to seeing old-timey pictures in colour. Plus, we expect old-timey pictures to have stilted and uncomfortable poses.
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She may be spoiled, entitled, and even bigoted, but she is right about the game. I'm involved in the admissions process, and I have seen first hand that in the most competitive schools the process is not about finding the right individual, it is not about finding the best student or the best person, it is not even about getting the most money. It is about getting the right statistical student body, with the right number of minorities, the right test scores, and the right amount of student aid. It is about showing the admissions officers that you care about the politically correct issues of the day, or at least care about their opinions enough to fake that you do. It's about spending four years to create a persona that one can abandon the moment s/he gets in, or let's hope that s/he has the guts to abandon it because the persona required often produces the self-righteous prigs that are in many of the posts above.
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She's absolutely right. America's gotten stupid with affirmative action, going well beyond it's well-meaning original intent.

When I see people calling her spoiled or racist, I just see a group who are likely just envious.
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This article is irresponsible in one key respect. It appears to blame the entirety of the Serbian nation and people for the actions of a dictator and assorted other disgusting war criminals, and completely ignores that war crimes were also committed by individuals of Bosniak, Croat and other heritages. We need to bring the successor nations of Yugoslavia together and into the EU and NATO VERY quickly to avoid any repetition of the violence and to ensure prosperity and peace for the Balkans in the long term. Demonising Serbia works directly counter to this aim and I hope you will re word the offending passages to be more even handed. Blame the regimes in Belgrade and of Republika Srpska- not the entire Serbian people- and acknowledge crimes committed on the other side.
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I worked 35+ hours a week at Walmart while in high school plus studying and doing homework. There wasn't time for those extra-curricular "application-padders" that the rich kids were able to do because they didn't have to work. Yeah, it's a class marker.
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Of course, most of the world uses metric. Trouble is, countries (like Canada) that have gone metric, still mostly use Imperial for things like cooking.
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A bad of wolfmen in wrestling onesies chanting punk rock while being suspended upside down from cables.

A bit derivative, but I am dying to see what they had planned for their next performance. Got to step it up a notch everytime, you know.
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" The USSR had no reason to think that Maultsby wasn't carrying nuclear bomb into their territory."

They knew exactly - from his altitude and track and radio signature - what he was doing there and type of plane he was flying. A plane that couldn't carry an atomic bomb. But you got links to your little article which was the whole point, wasn't it?
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