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I might be misremembering as well. I recall him doing a lot of things that were all born out of curiosity but never with the intention of hurting someone or being angry or mean. Sort of like the "I wonder what will happen if I stick this here." lol
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It's probably a random untreated plank that got in with all the weather-treated planks. The water is absorbing into the wood while the sealed planks repel the water which has nowhere to go but form a frost on top.
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People have a bad habit of not distinguishing between pescetarian and vegetarian, especially since the former didn't have a good, well know label more than a decade or two ago, and because of various religions declaring fish not to count as meat.
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How can we not include the illustrious career of Thomas Midgley, who invented Tetraethyl lead and CFC's? The life work of this one individual will probably keep killing people for decades if not centuries.,_Jr.
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Considering that astrology is 100% pure BS, I don't see what is so uncanny about it. And she claims to be a psychotherapist? Which, if any, reputable Mental health organizations support pseudoscience for treatment of patients? She plays to the vague stereotypes associated with the twelve signs. Granted she is pretty good at role playing, but then the whole astrology thing is a Crock of Taurus.

By the way, where are her interpretations of Ophiuchus (December 6 to December 31) and Cetus (May 12 to June 6)?
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Exactly Chay - - my intention was not to attack Neatorama. By the way - - I often find myself noticing many of my favorite posts are made by you, Miss Cellania.
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