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When they are prepping you for major surgery, like open heart, you are so full of "happy juice" you do not care a whit. At least someone told me that.
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Studied entomology in college. Always wanted to see Giant Water Bug vs. Predacious Diving Beetle. Worked at Cornell doing research with Asian Long Horned Beetles. Got mentioned in scientific papers.
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BOGO sales items at my Publix market helps me stock up on things I used a lot. I look at is as "at no extra cost" to me, or I divide the cost in 2 and think of it at 2 for that price.
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I remember seeing logs floating down the Kennebec River in Maine when vacationing up there in the mid-1950's. Did not see any men on them.
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For years we have stored our pancake syrup in the fridge. Mrs.O wanted to heat up some for waffles. Reading the label she realized it did not need to be cooled for storage. Welcome to room temperature syrup.
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I still have a newspaper article proclaiming a study showing beer is the healthiest of all beverages. I am an advocate of that to this day. I remember once when it was thought that distilled spirits needed to have nutritional labels. "They" decided it might make them look good for you, and dropped the idea.
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