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Aye, if there were three glasses and he "was able to correctly identify which drink had been 'tuned' approximately one-third of the time", then he was getting about the same result as he would have got by just guessing which was 'tuned' without even tasting them. That would suggest that he really wasn't able to tell any difference at all.
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Being able to grasp things quickly, even quite complex concepts and arguments, is doubtless an extremely good thing. But I don't think that this is what is generally being referred to, when people say that attention spans are shortening.

The general sense of the idea, is that ideas are being simplified and made less challenging, in order to maintain the speed of change that we see in some of today's culture - not that the concepts presented are as complex as before... but now somehow compressed.

For example, it is now the case that TV shows often tend to tell us what we are going to see, show us what we were to see, recap what we have just seen, break and then remind us of what we had just seen, before being reminded of what we are still to see - all in small bite sized chunks. Indeed, if you fast forward between the actual content, you can sometimes watch 1 hour shows in less than 15 minutes these days. Or the often mentioned 24 hour rolling news format, where tiny little bites of quite sensationalist news with very little analysis or depth of investigation is presented as journalism.

There is still the question of whether we are actually culturally beginning to lack the ability to engage with more complex and extended culture as a result of this. It is quite possible, that these approaches have more to do with the commercial pressures of content development, than with satisfying our needs in terms of presentation. That is to say, that we are being fed pap even though we're actually still quite capable of chewing on hearty meals.
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Yeah... doesn't look like a fake cheese to me. Nice, nutty bit of Leerdammer. I was intrigued that he'd clearly put something like a red wax rind as a lining to his tunnel too...

It's just a Z-scale train set isn't it?
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Really... they're like the Twitter users of the animal world aren't they? Wanting to share their own stuff with complete strangers and trying to extend their friendship network as much as possible - even at the cost of relationships that they already have.
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Absolutely. Definitely the SUV was being overly aggressive in trying to push in - and then drove extremely badly and quite dangerously in order to take 'revenge'.
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