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Yep! And it looks like step 1 in the battery-changing manual will be:
"Cut open your hand."
Why didn't they think to put a rechargeable battery with induction charger, like what my electric toothbrush has?
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I happen to PREFER low population density, yet he used it as a big black-mark. Why? Anybody really think people are at their happiest when packed-in like sardines?

And his opinions on weather seem backwards to me. I'd much rather have excessively hot summers than long and freezing winters. That's not just me, the entire US population continues shifting south and westward every year. Arizona is a strange choice, when Phoenix is such a huge and successful metropolis, with many tech companies building facilities there... sort of a low-rent Silicon Valley satellite.
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@home we restrict access, but we can feel the enticement, the spell, the beguilement, working.

this is scary : what personnalities are we building? how will they interact with people? how will they consume? how will they lead tomorrow's world?...
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If you were using a remotely modern Linux file system like Ext3 or better on your USB drive, it would automatically work without any fixing necessary.
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Unlabeled salt & pepper shakers.
An apple slicer that is going to cut your palm while you try to get it started.
A rocking chair that shines a light right in your face.
A vacuum cleaner that makes you bend over to clean your floor.
A chair/bed that is really uncomfortable and wouldn't even fit in my living room.
A hanging shelf-rack that doesn't hold many books, yet still takes up half my living room.
A bulky apple tray that drops the apples.
A watch that gets snagged on sleeves and doorways.
A bicycle that will fling water onto your face and back.
A wall clock with no numbers on it.
Hanging storage space that is big as shelves, but holds less than shelves do.
A dustpan that makes the broom (and hand) dirty every time you want to use it.
A giant key-holder that takes up half the wall but only holds 4 keychains.
Coffee cups that have no handle to put your fingers through.
A tableknife with no grip.

These things sound like the OPPOSITE of "genius examples".
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