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if it weren't for my brother, i wouldn't really know the magic that is the coen brothers. i love that they have set a style for themselves using vast wastelands to depict the mundaine. and their ecclectic taste allows their plots to take place really at any point on a timeline. i also love that they (like many others) use the same actors for different roles and create sincerely awkward situations. LOVE. THEM.

@andrewdoane: just like all the other coen brothers movies, 'no country' takes a couple times of viewing to really understand and appreciate. they don't make hit-or-miss movies where you only watch it once, they make hit-and-keep-hitting-to-make-sure-you-didn't-miss-anything movies where you are almost obligated to watch half a dozen times because it's not possible to get the entire picture after seeing it once or twice. or even three times. i didn't like fargo at first because it was too slow and boring, and their accents were killing me. but then i found myself saying "oh ya!" all the time. i have to say their movies aren't exactly attention grabbers. i just PINE for them!
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i can make a clover with my tongue, raise one eye-brow, wiggle my ears, and rotate my right hand clockwise while my left hand goes counter-clockwise. i discovered the ear wiggling when i identified the muscles that moved when i smiled. one i identified them, i was able to isolate them without smiling. and my left ear wiggles a little easier than my right one, but i'm still able to wiggle both at the same time and opposite of each other.
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beneath all of this, Kay Jewlers, Staffords, and Jared are all drooling and rubbing their hands together schemingly. the sad part is that we've already put a monetary value on it. everthing is for sale here on earth. think we should just go ahead and convert to our intergalactic currency?
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@Kraka- i still care... your generalization is wrong, my friend.

you shouldn't get special treatment becfause your heart is broken. take a vacation day if you're really not up for coming in to work. my last break-up was the worst, especially because my mom died a month after it. i was lucky enough to take a week off for my mom's death AND to mend my broken heart, but i didn't expect any special treatment because i was sad about my breakup. it's all part of not bringing your home-life to work. but then it could be argued that maternity/paternity leave is personal, but sometimes people just don't want to see a woman's water break and hear her labor-induced screams down in the cafeteria.

@minty: only a small % of men granted paternity leave here in the US take the offer as well. interesting, because we were just talking about this subject in my sociology of gender class the other day. most men don't take paternity leave because they don't want to be seen as "weak," as if being weak takes away a part of their man-hood. some men may not take the days because they need the money, understandable, but they should at least take some of the time to help their mate. it's funny how men act sometimes... an act that could "take away manness" in front of his buddies would score big points with his spouse... the things they do to make an impression. women too, but they're a completely different story and there's not enough comment space to cover that one.
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that is soo cute! i wonder.. when you're looking in the rear-view mirror, do you see the puppy's face? or is it just a sillhouette? or is it transparent and you just see the back? it's a mystery!
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to kristen shaffer: i REALLY hope the paper you have to write doesn't look like the comment you left on here. you will fail miserably. here's a tip- stop texting and using your instant messager. it's screwing up your english. and tell your friends too, because they probably read your comment with flying colors. and pay attention in english and grammar. you actually USE that in life. tHanKxzz!!!1!11!

about the article: interesting stuff about the man. he was definitely one of the oddest people in our world's history. terribly genius, and a moron at the same time. fascinating.
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man people are hilarious.. fighting about who's right about what. here's what i have to say.. who cares?

dude with the kid- take some responsibility. weren't you the one navigating to the page? blame yourself for exposing your child, not the website. you don't want him reading "gruesome" stuff online, go to a different page. it's lot like this is the only website ever created. you want a warning? read the title of the article. that's what it's for. don't know what an execution is? also, not the website's fault.
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