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This is a medieval strawberry huller made for the most robust of crops. Proving, once and for all, that any dental damage was in fact due to their rock hard diet.

Best friends in S please
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I won't argue that the city has the option to ignore ads since they permeate our consciousness so deeply, or that occupants have the option to move, but I do think that you should keep in mind, though, that through paying for those display spaces, they are themselves contributing to the economy of that environment, in a small way making the place worth living in in the first place.

In that respect, I don't think what is being done is necessarily noble, but I certainly (selfishly) would prefer to see classic art over advertisements...
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Two other good ones that come to mind from recent years are Sword Art Online and Stein's Gate. Both carry the near future scientific advancement idea but take you into completely different directions.

Sword Art takes you into a fantasy land of being trapped matrix style as an adventurer in a video game where only completion of the game will grant release.

Stein's Gate pits a brilliant and somewhat crazy group trying to fix what seem to be a breakdown of the flow of time against a faceless entity that would seek to take their world changing creation at any cost.

Naturally twists abound in both, so I struggle to say much more than: You should watch these!
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