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I've been called worse by better. As for kicking bums out of the park, as long as they aren't doing anything illegal, they can stay right there for all I care. If they start busting into someone else's property and trying to capitalize off of someone else's things, then I'm all for throwing them in the can for as long as the law allows. If that's evil and heartless, then I am proud to be evil and heartless.

I'm sure you consider yourself some sort of caring individual, but you really aren't. What about the property owner, or as one person mentioned, others that actually do pay for a liquor license? Oh yeah, they're not "renegades" or "innovators". Give me a break. If you want to stick it to the man, there are better ways to do it that don't involve breaking and entering.

Squatters are trash, and this guy took it to a whole new level making him less than trash. If that's what you want to hold up as a standard, then you are no better than he is.
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Looks like they are using grey squirrels, which are vermin killing off the native species in the UK. Regardless, this is something I would try. It's strangely intriguing, certainly original, and appeals to my sense of the macabre.
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This is silly and can only be taken on a comical level. For one, the real fairy tales, not the sanitized Disney versions, are not only grisly,entertaining horror stories, but were at one time, relevant cautionary tales. Heck, some of them still are. Secondly, it's a fairy tale. When you start insisting that fairy tales be adjusted to reflect feminist or other modern values, you sap all the fun out of them.
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This movie is in my top ten all time favorites. Thanks for posting about it! I had read most of the trivia before, but there were a few new gems in here for me as well. :)
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Is this meant to be important research? I got good grades, was in honors classes, and was in well with just about every clique without necessarily being associated with one. Big deal. If you do your work and you are friendly, there really is no need to put lipstick on in class, is there?
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Oh no, seefish3! The cupcakes are racist! Call Al Sharpton! The ACLU!

Seriously, someone makes super creative cupcakes and all you can do is criticize the poster for not specifying that the "flesh coloring" should be called Caucasian flesh colored? Wow. That's a little sad.
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Well, urine is not necessarily going to hurt you unless the provider of said urine has a contagious infection. It's personally not my thing, human or otherwise, but if there is a market for it, why not sell it?
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