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World Class Butt Wiggle

(YouTube link)

Ohagi has concentration, focus, and a procedure for his pounce. 1. Lock eyes on target. 2. Wiggle hindquarters in a rhythmic manner until completely wound up. 3. Raise one front paw. 4. raise other front paw and hover like an alien spacecraft (that part gets me every time I see it). 5. Launch! Let’s see that technique again.

-via reddit

Not Gonna Lie

This exchange reminds us of so many blog posts and comment threads that we can all relate. I can think of a couple right here at Neatorama that fit this diagram perfectly. The same thing happens at thousands of websites every day. Leave it to Doghouse Diaries to frame a noticeable trend so succinctly.

1. cliche
2. sarcasm
3. lighten up
4. over their heads
5. freedom of speech
6. meta

Of course, you could add 7. fringe rant (in all caps), 8. Godwin, 9. name-calling, and of course 10. typo/grammar, but that wouldn't flow so well and would make for an unnecessarily long comic.  

Fox Kit Rescued from Can

(YouTube link)

You’ve seen videos of animals with their faces stuck in food cans and other containers many times. What makes this one different is how tiny this fox kit is, and how adorably cute his little face is when we finally get to see him! This was from a few years ago, and those who know say the kit’s mother came and got him not long afterward. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

Bell's South Africa TV Ad

(YouTube link)

This ad from Bell’s Scotch whisky is like a Super Bowl ad in that it has nothing to do with the actual product, but is meant to make you feel. And you might feel proud of the old man learning to read at his age, but there’s more at the end that might just do you in.  -via The Chive

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