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If you are fascinated by this, you might want to look up information about the Throat Singers of Tuva and Mongolia, where this form of singing is part of their ancient cultural heritage. Also, there is a marvelous film on the subject called "Genghis Blues," that follows a blind American singer to Tuva to share his love for this form and compete in one of their singing contests. It's very uplifting!
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A fine folk art example of an Italian spaghetti harvester. Just run the serrated scoop through the spaghetti trees to remove the ripe pasta.

Offworld Colonies -- Black -- XL
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In the early 70s, before there was a Sony Walkman or digital music players, there was this handheld portable audio cassette player prototype that could hold six tapes at once. Test listeners reveled in their new ability to hear Harry Nilsson's “Coconut” and, with just the push of a metal button, switch tapes to hear Lobo's “Me and You and a Dog Named Boo.”

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New evidence has emerged that sea life evolved through its own Iron Age. A rare specimen fossil of the high-arched metallic dorsal Clampfish has recently been excavated near Iron Bay, BC.

[ The Dragon (Bywater): XL; Military Green ]
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Put a Tater Tot in each end, open mouths, pull the trigger, and share a romantic, starchy meal with your girlfriend.

-- There and Back Again Delivery Services; Natural; XL
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For me, it was seeing a "Luminist Movement" exhibit at the Smithsonian in the 1970s. It introduced me to the Luminist and Hudson River School painters. I went through the gallery several times with my jaw out of place. Since then, I've sought out the works of Church, Bierstadt, Moran, Cole, and others, and I've been to Church's "Olana" estate in New York. I especially love those who employed that romantic style to the great western landscapes of the U.S.
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Tis a lawless switchblade peg-leg belongin' ter Captain Kidd's Kid. He were so short, nobody ere noticed him much, but iff'n ever a pirate be less than kind to the little bilge rat, the Kid took 'is satisfaction direct out of 'is ankle, he did!

[Science vs. Magic – XL, Grey]
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