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With the Affordable Care Act, she can apply for insurance that will cover this. One of the anomalies of the Act is that preexisting conditions cannot be taken into account. She can take one of the better plans (higher premiums but since she knows she will be using it right away it is worth it) and have all this covered. Of course, it will be months before she can actually get online to get the actual coverage...
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Well duh. This is not the "worst possible profile," because the picture looks good. But if she were to post the same thing with a really ugly picture, she'd still get responses. There are guys who assume that IF you have a profile on a dating site, that in itself signals that you MIGHT be willing to have sex with them.

No, I've never posted on a dating site. I looked at one when I was single, and when I narrowed it to local guys, I found I knew most of them already. And their ex-wives.
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That sheep's bladder thing isn't a haggis. What you've been eating is the infamous "false" haggis that was invented in 1844 to make up for the shortage of the true haggis after it was almost hunted to extinction in the aftermath of the outbreak of the Burns Night craze. The common or garden variety haggis is, in fact, a shy little globular animal that lives in the highlands and whose planitive, squealling bleats can be heard over the lonely hills as it roams from distillery to distllery to beg a wee dram. It's much prized for its bright tartan pelt, which is used to make bag pipes and its platypus-like beak that was once the basis of the sporran industry.
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Want to surprise the person sitting next to you? The kinetic energy from this ambush style Jack-in-the-Box will spring the dowel out from the side and smack them.
Make it Sew, Dark Grey, L
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This is an example of the "I've got your nose" device. 1340's Germany tradition held that the nose of a ginger child could cure the black plague. The "I've got your nose" device, pictured above, was used to gather the noses of these unfortunate children. Though the practice of harvesting noses soon died out, the idea lingered in the "I've got your nose" game that adults still play with children as a reminder of the horrors of the black plague.
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This appears to be a gentleman's lice removal tool. Properly positioned by placing his organ in the lower chamber with handle pointing away from body, hot coal was placed on the upper pan. A slight tilting of the handle up and toward the body sent the hot coal off the pan, over the spikes, setting the pubic hair aflame. When the lice ran into the clearing, they were quickly dispatched by repeated stabbing from the three prongs.

Forest Hitchhikers forest green medium
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That is a pig tail screw. See, pigs are born with long tails. This is undesirable, as it will tangle with other pigs, which will lead to them communicating with each other to untangle. This will lead to a great pig uprising. That will lead to no bacon. No one wants that. So, the farmers take this curler and curl the pig's tails so that they are no longer a danger of tangling with others. 2xl

Soft Hello Kitty
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My dad literally once sat me down when I woke up in the morning and made me write down about 200 numbers in Roman Numerals, man did I cry back then, saying I didn't know how (I wanted to watch TV and play on the PC really) which I discovered when my dad, a man made of steel, didn't let me do what I wanted to do until I was done, and I found out I knew how to decipher the numerals perfectly, after just sitting down and for once turning on that brain.

It was a very educational day for me about Roman numerals AND about myself.
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