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It's probably a random untreated plank that got in with all the weather-treated planks. The water is absorbing into the wood while the sealed planks repel the water which has nowhere to go but form a frost on top.
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Why...why do people keep putting urinals into bathrooms at all? We don't need urinals. Make every bathroom single occupancy lockable stalls (with no cracks people can peek through) and every bathroom can be unisex. That would save so much space, and it would end the LBGT debate over whether someone should be in one bathroom or the other depending on their sexual preference or claimed gender.

Also, considering some of the horror stories I've heard about women's public restrooms, like at airports and stadiums, unisex bathrooms might make women clean up after themselves a bit better. I can only imagine the nightmare scenario this place becomes with a 63 occupancy public restroom.
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I got through Gone with the Wind once. Never need to revisit it. Same with Shawshank Redemption and It's a Wonderful Life. I get why people love them but I've never been a fan. I've seen Raiders of the Lost Ark over 100 times so you can guess what would be at the top of my list. :D
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I've noticed that it's easier to teach database keywording to library users who have used card catalogs in the past because they already understand subject headings. They don't have to first unlearn Google searching.
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I believe that Star Trek continued along the same lines as The Twilight Zone. Many of the episodes dealt with social issues of the day like civil rights, prejudice, sexism, inequality, etc. The first inter-racial kiss between a white man and a black woman happened on Star Trek.
Sure, some of the episodes were corny but most of them made you look at our world (and ourselves) with different eyes. The episode "Let that be your last battlefield" sticks with me where Frank Gorshin and Lou Antonio are the last 2 men from a planet at war with each other. Each man is half white and half black but their colors are opposite to each other. They finally end up killing each other because of their prejudice. Such futility. All lost for nothing. I always thought that episode was one of the most profound shows I had ever seen up until that time in my life.
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As ridiculous as this video looks (and sounds), her response is similar to how I've responded to bears while cycling alone in the woods. I find myself just yelling the obvious at it because it's a reason to create noise. If I suspect a bear is in the area while passing through, I will usually sing something like "go away bear, I'm just passing through, la la la don't wanna see you bear!"
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