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They shouldn't have moved the sculpture. Are they going to move the street because people walk into the intersection without looking? (I've personally seen this happen). Stupidity should not be met with accommodation.
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Obviously, Russia has solved all of its problems, giving them the time and money to harass people who don't subscribe to religious nonsense. I take it people who smile with braces will also have their licenses revoked if they ever get their braces removed? I'm kind of glad they stepped up to take the stupidity prize from Florida.
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Why would you marry someone who had so little interest in you that they don't notice a huge glaring object you're holding in 95% of the pictures? Either that or it's brain damage. In that case, her not being to notice the world around her isn't novel. Just wow. What people pretend to do for attention.
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I can't imagine rather wanting two other people to die just so I could live.

When I drive, I have chosen to take on the responsibility of operating a machine capable of killing people. It only seems fitting that, if possible, for negative consequences to fall upon me rather than upon innocent pedestrians.

If they're jaywalking, then that's a different story. In that situation, I say run them all down.
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Plus, if my friends can mountain bike and play frisbee while high, who are these horribly uncoordinated people who can't even catch a giant inflatable ball?
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Sorry to post again, but I happened to see my vet today for dog vaccinations and she couldn't believe what I told her until she saw the article herself. She said that no trained veterinarian would say that the cat is okay to ingest paint. She also said that no veterinarian would have, in good conscience, released that cat without washing all the paint off. Just sad...
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I'm pretty horrified that the citizens of this town would allow this cat to continue poisoning itself. Paint is not safe for living things to ingest - it contains toxic compounds and is not digestible. The owner of the garage should clean up the paint or not let the cat sleep in there. Is this how this town treats its children as well? You know what they say about civilizations and how they treat their animals.
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