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Yeah, this guy has his head up his evolutionary biological butt.

Hey don't blame them or call them stupid! It's just their genes! Because, you know, humans are completely incapable of reasoning and having thought processes if their evolutionary behavior dictates otherwise!!!

I recently moved to Idaho, and am currently working at a grocery store. About 1/3 of the transactions I handle are paid for with EBT cards, and it would make you just damn sick to know how much junk food goes into the cart. Then they use their cash to buy alcohol. Many of these people have 2-3 kids in tow. They keep spitting them out because they know that the government is going to keep paying for them to be morons.
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I am one of those sufferers who have gone without getting the diagnosis. My grandmother on my mothers side, along with my aunt and uncle. If I eat gluten-containing foods, I feel as though I am slowly dying. I am sick for at least a week and I have all sorts of terrible, terrible symptoms. I don't need a test to tell me I shouldn't eat it, as I feel freaking great when I don't.
Gluten intolerance is actually more widespread than your ass-hat moronic brain would be able to comprehend. Even though they may not be Celiac, there are many who are intolerant to wheat/gluten - possibly 1 out of 3 people in America. So before you go around tromping and proclaiming your intellectual superiority to the "quacks, hucksters, dimwits, and hypocondriacs", maybe you should educate yourself a little bit more.
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You know, I don't even think we have to worry about aliens and what they would do if we made contact with them. I think we have to worry more about the absolutely psychotic reactions that many humans would have if we were to prove that, without a shadow of doubt, aliens exist.

I mean, look at how people get all screwed tight over debates on websites like Neatorama and Youtube. I'm betting we'd have a bunch of people basically going f$%*ing crazy or despondent over not knowing how to react to such a universal view-changing happening. So yeah. Let's all shut the hell up about finding aliens and maybe try to feed some hungry people.
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If we, the tattooed, gave one freakin' iota about what we're going to look like when we were old, we'd stick to hop scotch. I'm going to look so bad after a life of heavy metal and art music composition, my tattoos will just add to that bizarre old man allure.
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