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Since I moved close to a section of the California Coast where otters hang out and beat up mollusks for their food, and learned that otters are semi-close relatives to weasels, I have gained much more respect for those weasely creatures.

But still, I'm working on a rewriting of the lyrics of that song to "Pop Goes the Otter"... so far, I have it rhyming with "sparking water", "Harry Potter", "the Devil's Daughter", "Welcome Back Kotter" and "lambs to the slaughter". It gets really dark.
Abusive comment hidden. (Show it anyway.) you're wearing an outfit like this and what the designer is worried about getting cold is your face??? SERIOUSLY???

This guy looks like a villain in a "Mortal Kombat" video game.
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i live in a socialist hell hole where i get subsidized housing worth $1,500/month which gets me a near new 600 sq. ft. apartment with a laundry room. the weather is fantastic every day. help me move to texas.
ha ha ha
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Aww, thanks. Hi Edward, Yes, I am new here and, yes, it really is the greatest music video ever. I remember getting **really** excited every time it was playing on MTV (the early MTV, not what they call MTV now.)
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Maybe you would see it in science FICTION, but not in any real-life scenario.
I assume that any future society will be more practical and probably just as litigious as we are.
Not safe for: children, the elderly, the disabled, the inebriated (from tipsy to soused), people with inner ear infections, sleepwalkers, moving furniture, carrying the laundry basket, people in a hurry, people who take the steps two at a time, pirates, etc...
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