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One of the many reasons why I maintain a old fashion cell phone that doesn't have access to the internet, facebook, twitter....ect.

It just rings when someone calls me and I have a few video games on it to occupy me when I am on the toilet.
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I find there is a direct correlation between how much I spend on a pair of sunglasses and how fast they break.

A pair of $250 sunglasses usually last a week while my $10 gas station sunglasses will probably be passed onto my grandchildren in my will.
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So a military surplus box with about $600 worth of improvements and without a generator attached what exactly is the point. Youll still have to run an extention chord to your house and if you are going to go to all that trouble why not just be "in" your house.

You could buy a bigger box on govliquidation.com for $25 and make your own for half that price.
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Oh how I love hippies.

They think by living cheapy and "off the earth" they are being noble and monk-like but really they live like that because they are poor and lazy.

I am what you would call a pseudo hippie (or as I refer to myself.... a hippo-crate) in that I love the idea of the hippie lifestyle and dapple in it but love a warm bed and having a fridge full of food more. I have many full blown hippie friends that are always telling me to "quit being a corporate slave" or "get rid of my earthly possessions" but at the same time these people always want or need something from me........ to crash on my couch, a ride somewhere, borrow money or to use my washing machine. Hippies really they exist only because they know people that are corporate slaves that they can mooch on.

And dolphins are not sweet gentle animals. They are the intelligent psychopaths of the sea. And it can not be healthy to give birth in a tank full of dolphin excrement....... the baby and the mother's vajayjay are probably going to get dolphin herpes or something
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