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It's common in France to ask for a free jug of water with your meal. Of course the restaurant owners would prefer to sell a high margin bottle of wine, but they won't cry over the internet for the few customers who don't spend enough on beverages.
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I'm pretty sure I bought a flying saucer inspired incubator that had a single old style Christmas type light for heat after seeing it in a comic book. I hatched a bantam rooster with it. The egg had to be rotated every 4 hours for 28 days. My mom gave the emerging chick a little help out of the egg while I was at school. I can't find a picture of that incubator online unfortunately.
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It is not that bad. The more horrendous parts of the Holocaust are only hinted at. Unless you are imbued with Holocaust folklore, you will miss quite a few of them.
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Great article, Eddie!! Schindler's List is my favorite Steven Spielberg movie. It's so surreal. You feel you're right there and you can most definitely feel the fear and panic through the actors. I think the one actor who played his part to perfection was Ralph Fiennes. His portrayal of Amon Goeth was absolutely terrifying.

I watched Schindler's List about two weeks ago. It affects me so much that I can only watch it once, maybe twice a year. I always cry at the end when Schindler starts crying and apologizing for not "buying" more lives to save. Neeson does such a wonderful job. How he transcends Scindler from someone proud to be a member of the Nazi party to someone who shockingly discovers the truth and reality of the holocaust is outstanding.
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Thanks for that, headsign. I was mainly looking for a way to link the earlier video. I'll re-word that. There's a world of things I don't know about languages.
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