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If you are ready to spend over a million and get a dime in return, you clearly have too much money to spend, no matter what that dime's imaginary properties are.
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Funny this is mentioned because I really thought it was just me. "No problem" stroke me as a rude response a couple of times , but mainly as of late. I also try to roll with it but I feel like there a little bit of gaslighting involved, as the responder assumes I actually had a problem and declares that there is none. There's also a bit of distancing involved. All in all, it's not the nicest response.
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This is what happened from the cat's perspective: "After months trying to teach the big creature to hunt, rest and live an independent life I thought I'd leave him alone for a few days and watch from a distance to see how he goes along, but after only two days, the poor creature was already attempting to recruit some filthy street cat in my place so I gave up and returned in acceptance that the poor creature is forever helpless."
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That's one step from people to whom you show a picture on your phone and without comment, they take the device an start scrolling though your photo library while you frantically try to anticipate what image they could encounter that will make you sink in a pool of shame.
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It's actually that being hinted at that scares me. I can watch a horror movie without blinking because it's pure fantasy but as soon as there is a connection to reality, I break. But the movie has been sitting on my Netflix list for quite a while now and I made a vow to myself to watch it this year. Oh and I'm also quite 'imbued with Holocaust folklore', I'm afraid.
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I believe the answer is very much more complex than any of those offered here or in the screenshots above. It's because a cow is a whole different species than us and therefore drinking its milk has no level of intimacy, whereas drinking human milk is extremely personal and intimate. In the same spirit, I find human feces or urine much more repelling than cats' or dog' excrements.
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