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What, no crinkle cut? I'm no fan of most crinkle cut fries but there is a hole in the wall restaurant that makes the best of any style fries I have ever found. If you ever find yourself in Livonia, Michigan head on over to Bate's for fantastic sliders and unequaled fries. They make their fries a golden color, not burnt and with a clean oil taste (so no fish or other aftertaste flavor) and they aren't soggy or wilted. They have the perfect outer crispy crunch while the middle is soft. ummm, I think a trip is in order for me. buh bye
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I think what he is trying to say has nothing to do with the cost of the tattoo, but with the amount of effort of thinking about what kind to get. Immediate gratification. You see something, and don't think about if it is a good idea to get it done. A person doesn't want to feel hungry, so they get the chips from the kitchen instead of the food that is best for them, just so that they do not feel hungry. At the time they don't care about the consequences, but there will be consequences later on.
So for tattoos, people see something on another person, or in a book, and decide that's the one they want, not thinking about the future implications. Those Tattoos are the "Chips in the kitchen". It would be better to wait for that person to see if their feelings change or that of the trends, but they don't. Or if there is something better out there. I research cars to death when I buy a new one. Something might look cool but is it worth the price and financial pain later on because what is under the hood is junk?
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Connery is without doubt the best Bond actor. He basically defined the role. Craig is also not bad, but would presmumably not have worked 1952.(as it would have taken 16 years for Craig to be born). The films had to be considered in the temporal context. However, Lazenby had the best "Bond Girl": Emma Peel! <3 ;-) But this is my personal opinion, please feel free to disagree!
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I've always wanted to take these cheap shock value art pieces, then replace them with the opposite figures. Cross hung in a jar of urine? How about a picture of Biden and Hillary in a jar of urine. Pope hit by meteor? What about BLM protester smashed under a meteor?
I wonder if the art critics would jump up to defender those artistic expressions as well.
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