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Vaccination is about taking a share of the risk for the common good ; my kids may react to the vaccine and may get a disease, even die,n but with such a low probability that I can safely do it. Thus the group's overall healthcare is improving. I gave to the group . I sacrificed my kids to the group.
Now a lot of people are selfish and not accepting the risk. They behave as freeloaders : since the others took the risk and the disease is stopped I can safely avoid vaccination and its risks.
Well, if you have measles, you may have to thank France where some people are beginning to die from them again.
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3 people from my family died from this disease. This is outrageous that it is moked as a game! Sign the ! Contact your elected representatives!

Hehe, this is so 2018, what 2019 will be? ;)
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We're living in a world where everybody can speak to the world. Unfortunately they are listened to. You do something, you get yelled at. You don't do something, you get yelled at. The world is changing in a PR nigthmare.
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